My Short Getaway!

Over the weekend, I took a short getaway to Batam with the hubs. It was quite impromptu & booked late Dec. Anyway, I guess it could be sort of like an advance birthday celebration since it’s just round the corner. I’d booked a hotel at Harris Waterfront for around S$70+ but silly me went to book ferry tickets to Batam Centre terminal instead of the Waterfront terminal. It made no sense to have to travel another 30mins from Batam centre ferry terminal to the Waterfront hotel. So I had to waste an additional S$50+ more to cancel the Waterfront hotel and book the one at Harris Batam Centre instead.


The last time I went to Batam was 8 freaking years ago! But I guess nothing much has changed. Our hotel, the Harris Batam Centre, was located just 200 meters away from the ferry terminal and that made it very convenient. Continue reading

I’m so so envious of these ladies

Gosh, they are so lucky! The GUCCI & LV bags have gotten their winners. In fact, the lucky lady who won the GUCCI has gone shopping and bought a gorgeous GUCCI bag!

Lia was the blessed lady who got this advance birthday present from MFP. You can head down to the MFP forum to view the VIDEO on her shopping trip to Gucci boutique.

Also the LV winner was just announced only, you may head down to view the VIDEO. Congrats to Dawn, lady luck was indeed shining upon her. She had been aiming for the LV bag and now she has gotten it. Both ladies are active forumers in the MFP Forum , each having more than 1300 posts so far. The more posts you have, the more lucky draw chances you get.

The rest of you envious ladies fret not, there’s still 3 more bags to be won. So if you have not been posting much, then you should start doing so to up your chances of winning. Especially so for the grand draw of the much coveted CHANEL bag… Yes, I will be dying of envy on the day when the winner of the CHANEL bag is announced. (Can it be me???? Pretty pls!!!!!)

So anyway, the draw is still on, please please please PARTICIPATE NOW if you haven’t. And if you do win, you sure owe me a drink at Coffeebean 😉

Your chance to win a Balenciaga

This is your chance to get that IT bag you’d always wanted! Been lemming for that Balenciaga? Well, fret no more. Because now you stand a chance to win it from My Fat Pocket. And yes, this is FOR REAL!

Be envious of IT bag trotting celebrities no more! For the next 7 weeks, MyFatPocket will be giving away 1 different luxury bag a week. So that’s 7 chances for you in total! SWEET!

And they are not just giving you the bags, MFP is going to bring you to the boutique to pick up your bag. Seriously, how cool is that?!?! This is like a dream come true. Getting the bag of your dreams FOC!

MyFatPocket will play the role of fairy godmother at a boutique where you get to select the IT dream bag of your choice & let MyFatPocket do the paying. Bet the boyfriend would be so glad that his wallet is saved this round too.

Check out the brands lined up for the next 6 weeks. I bet most of cha are eyeing week 5 cuz that’s what I’ve got my eyes glued on!


Every 25 sample points earns you 1 lucky draw chance to take part in each week’s Luxurious Giveaway.

It’s as simple as selecting “YES, give me my luxury bag now!” in the form above! (You need to be a registered member or logged in for you to fill up the form.)

– Register now to instantly earn 25 samples points, which is 1 chance!

– Please note that ALL your current points will be converted to chances once you have opted into the contest.

– ALL the points that you earn during each week’s giveaway also converts into chances.

– We regret to inform you that you cannot back out of any giveaway once you have opted into the contest.

– ALL your points will be reset to ZERO regardless of if you are the winner once the week ends. You WILL NOT get them back.

Check out more info over at MFP’s page:

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