UPDATES on my Lash Regrowth Experience


Lash Regrowth utilises the latest technology and product to revitalize cells, so that lashes will grow naturally. I had just completed my third session, which is the usual number of sessions required to see satisfactory results. And I could not believe it, because I was blown away by how much thicker and longer my lashes have grown.

Lash regrowth

Lash regrowth

To read more about my Lash Regrowth experience, please check out my initial blog post.

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LASH REGROWTH is located at:

Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital
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Grow Lashes Naturally With Lash Regrowth Treatment

I simply adore full and long lashes, something which I am unfortunately not born with. And this is why I rely on false lashes to achieve the look. Now, picture this, imagine that you would no longer need to use false lashes or to go for eyelash extensions anymore. Instead, you could grow your lashes naturally with the Eyelash Regrowth Treatment.


Lash Regrowth are the pioneer in bringing this new treatment to Singapore, utilizing the latest technology and product to revitalize cells, so that lashes will grow naturally. Knowing that this treatment is safe and non-invasive also gives me a peace of mind.

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ZA Go Go Lashes! New packaging & new mascara range!

Sorry for the long overdue post but this was an event I’d attended last month. ZA introduces their new mascara range. Check out their gorgeous Ambassadors in the 3 new mascara types:

The venue was at La barra di Vino; this neat little bar off Mohd Sultan Street. Parking was a bitch and you would like to think that Mohd Sultan would be a ghost town now but there are still their regulars filling up whatever waterholes that are left in that area.

Anyway, the private function room though small was cosy and beautifully decorated by the passionate marketing team. Just check it out:


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