Tee-Saurus OFFICE BUDDY Sketchpads!


There have been times when I wanted to get my message across but not in such an obvious manner that would offend. And at the same time if anyone had an issue with my remarks, I could easily just brush it off as a joke. Sorry if that sounded complicated but well, sometimes, when you work with idiots, you feel like you have got to let some steam off. And these Office Buddy sketchpads are what would come in handy for moments like these.


Seriously, all those times when you were on leave or MC and your colleague (or even boss) had to ruin the peace by giving you a call or shooting an email. Well, with the Office Buddy sketchpad, you could at least pray that they would get the hint to leave you alone. Continue reading

Toxic Free can be uninteresting. We made it Pleasurable.


Their slogan “Toxic Free can be uninteresting. We made it Pleasurable.”, sure is intriguing. And that perked my interest in finding out more about this brand, Aroma Bar Sg.

It turns out that Aroma Bar Sg is a home grown brand founded by Singaporean, Sarah Chia, after she couldn’t find suitable skincare to improve her daughter’s pigmentation disorder. All Aroma Bar skin care are 100% natural so they contain no preservatives, no fillers, with natural scented fragrances, making their products suitable for all skin types including those with sensitive and easily-irritated skin.

If you find healthy and toxic-free living a bore then that’s where Aroma Bar Sg comes in to jazz it up with a fusion of the best natural oils, like shea butter, coconut oils infused with aromatic therapeutic essential oils into their hair care, face and body range.


Meet my new shower buddies! From left to right: Rose Geranium & Ylang Ylang Body Butter, Lavender Rosemary Rejuvenating Shampoo & Lavender Rosemary Rejuvernating Conditioner. Continue reading

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