Etude House’s Color In Liquid Lips


Received these sometime back but only had the time to try them out today. You would have probably seen them in stores if you are an Etude House fan. These lovely lipsticks from Etude House boasts of long-lasting colors while providing full hydration on your lips. It has a smooth-sliding texture and comes in a total of 20 hot spring colors.

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[Review] Etude House Princess Happy Ending & Wish Lips Talk Lipsticks

If you have been following my blog, you would have read about the nail kit from the Etude House Princess Happy Ending for Jasmine. The Etude House Princess Happy Ending collection comprises of the 4 Disney princesses; namely Snow White, Cinderella, Belle from Beauty & the Beast and not forgetting, Jasmine from Aladdin. Each Princess collection consists of cosmetic items to recreate the princess’ look.

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Pucker up to ZA Plumper Lipstick & Lipgloss

Fall 2010 trend reports have shown that lipsticks are back with a passion. With more focus being on the lips instead of the eyes or brows on the runways. Always keeping pace with the latest fashion, ZA brings you PLUMPER LIPSTICK & PLUMPER LIPGLOSS!!!

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Looks for Fall 2010 by Pret-A-Beaute: Recreate the look with budget products

Pret-A-Beaute brings you the 4 fall makeup trends this 2010.
And for those who are on a tight budget, thou shallnt fret as I’ll just introduce some budget products you could use to recreate these looks.

The whole nude natural look is hot in the trend charts, and so is the defined eyes and nude lips combination that is all the rage in Japan right now.

I’m totally digging this whole au naturel look. It gives one a very clean, minimalist feel. Great as day makeup to the office or even out for high tea with the girlfriends.

Nude lips can be achieved with the Sana lip concealer

I realized that I prefer to wear it on its own then with the lip gloss. Maybe cause of the matt finish it gives…. Guess I am not a fan of glossy lips.

Come evening, add on more definition to the eyes and you’re ready to hit the clubs. This smoldering, intensive eye makeup look is sexy and trendy.

However, do experiment before going in for the dive as the smoky eyes look is not what everyone can carry or am able to achieve without much trial and error. You don’t want to end up looking like a lost panda in the city or someone who had just survived a back alley robbery.

If you have short or spare lashes, do try false eyelash extensions. This will brighten and open up the eyes further. You may also stick to the conventional mascara to achieve the look though. However, I’m a fake lashes convert so I still stick by my falsies to give me those drama-mama eyes.

Get this look with Sana’s Super Quick Products.
Line eyes with the powder liner for a smoky look:

Sana can be found at John Little, Watsons or Sasa stores.

This is one for the daring, as such loud lips are bound to attract more attention than one can handle. I think it’s a fabulous look for night, but if done properly, it should look good for day makeup too. Do keep makeup on the other features minimal as the lips are the emphasis. You will want to avoid looking like a mascot which had just escaped Universal Studio @ Sentosa.

Tip: Use a lip liner before or after applying the lipstick to give lips a more defined appearance. Applying powder on the lips before lipstick application can also help lipstick stay on longer :)
Try Tony Moly’s lipstick in RD03

This is interesting, I personally find purple quite a difficult color to wear especially on the eye area. If not done correctly, people might mistake my eyeshadow as theatrical makeup for bruising.

If Chanel is out of the budget for you, do head down to Watsons and check out the Majolica Majorca range. For Chapter 27, they have beautiful hues of purple and pink.

You could recreate this look (photo on left) with their Blooming Dream Eyes palette in Midnight Dream:

And finish off with their highly-raved mascara, the Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On in Violet Magic (shade VI606)

Images from Pret-A-Beaute

Mentholatum Lipbalm Review: Mogitate Kajjitsu & Deep Moist

I have always been a fan of Mentholatum lipbalms ever since I tried their Mentholatum B New Lip Pure Lipbalm.

I’ll have dry, peeling lips that sometimes would result in a bloody mess when it just gets too drying and the skin tears.
And boy does it hurts when a tear/cut occurs but Mentholatum’s lipbalm saved my lips!


It’s really no surprise as to why its the NUMBER ONE selling lipbalm brand in Japan.
Therefore, when I realized that their Mogitate Kajitsu & Deep Moist range was to be launched in Singapore. I got really excited in wanting to try them out.

What is so unique about these Mogitate Kajitsu lipbalms? Well,they are made with fresh fruit juice!! How interesting. And they contain essential minerals and vitamins sjuch as Squalene, Grape Seed Oil, Vit A & E which are beneficial to the lips and body. Honey, one of the key ingredients, heals and renews chapped lips.

Mogitate Kajitsu is their fruity range. “Mogitate” means “Fresh” and “Kajitsu” means “Fruits” in Japanese. These delectable-looking lipbalms are available in 5 fruity juicy mixes:

Mogitate Kajitsu

As shown in the picture above, we have Mogitate Strawberry, Mogitate Orange & Mango, Mogitate Peach, Mogitate Lemon & Lime and Mogitate Grape & Berry. (Left to Right)

Thanks to The.Sample.Store & Mentholatum, I was given yummy Mogitate Strawberry, Lemon & Lime and Orange & Mango to try.

Firstly, the fruity scent is light and subtle unlike some lip balms that give out an overwhelming artificial scent. The sweet delicious scent made me feel like gobbling the lipbalm whole though. It’s texture was just right; moisturizing enough but not overly oily. This is yet another great product from Mentholatum that has never failed me.


The Deep Moist range comes in two types; Deep Moist Natural and Deep Moist Menthol.

It gives you a choice to opt for the menthol if you prefer a slight cool feel. Otherwise, stick to the natural one.


The Deep Moist range contain Hyaluronic Acid which is a moisture-locking ingredient. Did you know that it can hold 1000x its weight in water or 6 litres of water with just 1g! While Shea butter heals the skin and Jojoba oil gives all day hydration to the lips.

What is different about the Deep Moist range is its oval-shaped packaging which allows application to be hassle-free as it fits the corner of the mouth easily.


Like its Mogitate range, the Deep Moist range also provides adequate moisture to the lips. And it’s lightweight formula rests well on the lips not giving the user a sticky, heavy feeling.


Available exclusively at all Watsons stores, the Mogitate Kajitsu lipbalms are retailing for S$5.90 each while the Deep Moist lipbalms are retailing for S$7.90 each.

Try the Mojitate Kiajitsu & Deep Moist lipbalms today too & share your experience story to stand to win attractive prizes!

Just purchase the lipbalm, try it and post your experience onto HERE.
3 winners will be selected. Good luck :)

Sana Super Quick LIP CONCEALER EX01 Review + SASA Sale!

I saw this at the SANA office the other day but was TOO SHY to ask for a sample.
Anyway, it has been on my mind ever since.
I finally went down to SASA today and got it.

Where to buy? SASA
How much? S$17.90

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Mentholatum-B NEW Lip Pure Lip Balm Review

Where to buy? Watsons, Guardian, John Little
How much? UP $6.90 or was it $7.90?

I have chapped lips all the time and a bad habit of licking them
to moisturize. But that’ll only make my lips drier, though I couldn’t really
care much till they start hurting and bleeding.

So it has been 2-3 nights of enduring that sharp acute pain in the center of my lower lip. Till I recalled that I had a lip balm somewhere….
I got this in my Watsons mystery goodie bag.
It is the Mentholatum-B NEW Lip Pure Lip Balm in Bergamot.

And it is really good I must say.
Just one application last night and my lips no longer hurt this morning.
I am amazed!


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