5 Secret Items To Bring On Your Next Romantic Getaway


I have heard horror stories about how sex life after kids is almost non-existent especially when you have more than one. And if you are getting your sexy fix weekly, then you are considered one of the lucky ones because there are some couples who seem to manage by with monthly sex or even quarterly sex. While I understand that some couples are both fine with having lesser sex, it can be frustrating if there is a mismatch in libido.

Well, things do not have to be this way, as I believe that sex is a healthy and natural part of marriage. Sex isn’t just about getting physical but it is also about being intimate and connecting with your spouse.


Besides rushing through five minutes quickies while the children are watching their favourite cartoon on TV, why not make an effort to rekindle that romance by planning a trip sans the kids. Even just a simple staycation would be a good break from the children.
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A Private Room for Pretty, Girly & Sexy Lingerie

I love parcels, especially when they contain my loot! Don’t you think the packaging is darn chio?

This time round, I tried online shopping for lingerie and loungewear. It’s refreshing to find a blogshop selling something different then the usual dresses and such.

A Private Room. (http://aprivateroom.com) is an online local store that offers you the convenience of shopping for your intimates online. You know, I’ve been searching for a lounge robe for the longest time. The ones in stores like La Senza and Cotton On were overpriced and not quite what I was looking for, so you could imagine my delight when I spotted one at A Private Room. It was not only reasonably priced but also a quality product. The material was soft and silky to touch! And this one had a length that was decent enough to be worn around the house without having to shut down all the curtains.

Now, I can just sit back and relax in comfort with my Mystique Kimono that is available at A Private Room for just S$24.90! You should check this item out, I really really love it so much.

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