[Review] Cho Renew – Time For A Gut Cleanse!


If you have been feeling sluggish in the morning and stayed lethargic the whole day, found yourself falling sick more often, noticed a change in the way your breath smells and is spotting dull complexion, then it might mean that it is time for a gut cleanse! Imbalanced gut health can affect not only your intestines but also your overall health and mood.

This is when Cho Renew comes to the rescue!



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[Advertorial] Cho Beauty – Inner Cleanse System

Recently, I was given a box of Cho Beauty from AFC Japan to try out. It is an inner cleansing formula that contains 101 billion friendly bacteria to cleanse stubborn and accumulated toxins from our intestinal walls. Backed by 20 years of research with Harvard University, leading Japanese universities and medical centres, Cho Beauty is clinically proven to regulate intestinal health. Major benefits that can be observed: flatter tummy, improved complexion, reduction in constipation and diarrhea and better energy levels & immunity.

Before I go on about the product, let’s check if you find these below symptoms familiar?

1. Acne, dull or sallow complexion
2. Bloated discomfort
3. Constipation or diarrhea
4. Overweight
5. Bad breath
6. Thinning hair
7. Poor immunity
8. Yeast infection
9. Sluggishness and lethargy
10. Inability to absorb nutrients

I think I have at least 5 of the above mentioned and I often suffer from diarrhea and bloated discomfort.

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