[Review] Liese Hair Spray – Best selling Hair Spray in Japan!

I hardly ever use hair styling products cuz I’m such a lazy person. I prefer to wear my hair as it is but sometimes it gets so unmanageable. And there are days where I’m feeling slightly more adventurous and want to spice up things alittle.

Now, Liese has 2 best-selling hair sprays you can check out. I was given both to play around with. There is the Free Arrange Hair Spray for Airy and Light style without any stickiness. And there is Super Hard Hair Spray for those who want to lock their hairstyle in place.




Untitled 5.33.42 PM

I am a fan of the Super Hard Hair Spray, never thought I would say this though. Because I am one of those who would prefer an airy and light hair-do instead. However, I didn’t really feel much difference with the Free Arrange Hair Spray.


You see all the flyaway baby hairs sticking out like a sore thumb? I managed to tame them with Liese’s Clear Cube Wax 01. Then to get it to stay in place for the entire day, I used the Super Hard Hair Spray and guess what? I’m pretty pleased with the end result :)

[ADVERTORIAL] Kao Liese Iron Make Collection – Straight Or Curls? You’re spoilt for choice!

Ever gotten sick of the number of styling products you needed to get just to do up a simple style?
Would you like to have more space on your dresser? Wished that there was a product that does everything? 


Well, your prayers are answered with Liese (pronounced as “Lee-zay”) Iron Make Collection.
Unlike other hair products that only provide protection from the heat emitting from your styling tools.
Now, you can achieve salon-effect styles with just ONE product that not only protects your hair but also styles at the same time. Amazing, isn’t it?

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You voted & I’ve won :) Thank you!

Remember my blog post on the Liese 100 bloggers challenge where I’d appealed for votes??
CLICK HERE to recap your memory.
CLICK HERE to read about my positive experience with the Liese products.
Well, guess what? The results are out today and I’m in top 20! Woohoo! I’m #5!
Thank you for all your votes. *MUAHS*
I hope that my voters do get lucky and be one of the 10 to win a Liese product.
Do also keep your eyes peeled wide open because there will be a giveaway post up tomorrow!

[Review + Tutorial] Pamper & glam up your hair with Liese ♥

Liese, pronounced as “Lee-zay” (if you didn’t have a clue) consists of a range of hair products that include hair color, styling and leave-on treatments which are popular among teen girls and working ladies of today.
Remember the bubble hair dye they had? Yeah, check out my previous review over HERE 

So that’s me without any hair products on at all…

My hair’s all messy like a lion’s mane :( 

Thanks to Liese & the Sample Store, I got to try out the following products for myself:
Liese Juicy Shower Moisturizing Hair Mist x 1
Liese clear cube wax – 01 straight x 1

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Liese new hair colors – Looks good!

Looks good, especially the Platinum Beige one.
I love the ash blond look but can never seem to achieve that color without bleaching my hair. So I’m wondering if using a DIY hair color dye will be able to ensure such end results?

Maybe I should try once my highlights grow out BUT I’m seriously way too lazy to DIY :(

Liese Bubble Hair Color Review

A new, interesting and innovative concept by Liese on DIY Hair Dyes.
Instead of the traditional comb and dye mixture, this one foams up and allows you to massage the mixture into your hair like as though you’re shampooing it.

According to Liese, ‘.. It boasts a revolutionary ‘foaming’ technology that makes application simple and fuss-free. The D.I.Y. (Do-It-Yourself) hair coloring experience is now transformed into an enjoyable, effortless experience.’

To watch the advert, CLICK HERE

Thank you Liese & Cozycot, I got the Milk Tea Brown to try out but I’ve done my hair just recently.


So I’ll be looking for a ‘guinea pig’. Hohoho….

Just to share photos of my newly dyed and highlighted hair:



First photo was taken on the airport express upon arrival.
Second photo was taken on the 4th day of the trip.
Can you see how tanned I got! Amazing, right?
I’m like light milk chocolate now :(

Updates as of 16 July 2010:
I finally got down to using it a few months back.
But the color was so close to my base color, noone could really tell the difference except for a colleague whom I work closely with. Anyway, I still prefer getting my hair done professionally instead of going through the hassle of DIYing.

But I’ll still give credit to this product as its unique bubble up and foaming method does help in spreading the color more evenly as to those traditional hair dyes with the comb.

Still, the idea of putting a plastic sheet (made out of a plastic bag) around my shoulders and getting my hands dirty is not exactly my cup of tea.
To the salons for me!


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