[Announcement] Kanebo Seasonal Markdowns Event

Another reason to shop?
Check out Kanebo’s great sale at COZYCOT office…

There’ll be brands such as Kate (OMG! I love Kate, read ’bout my Kate event HERE), Freshel, Lunasol, Blanchir Superior, Impress & so on…

Make Me Up

I’m a total klutz when it comes to makeup and I kid you not. I hardly ever experiment with colors and I’m always seen in the usual do.

I also do not have any experience with makeup schools or beauty counters. The closest would probably be beauty makeup workshops I have attended for cosmetic launches. Take for example, the recent KATE cosmetic event where I got to try out almost the entire range of cosmetics they carried.

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Kate Cosmetics Bloggers’ Event

I hardly dabble with cosmetic because I’m still a noob.
I doubt I can blend eyeshadow properly without looking like a clown.
So I never knew I could achieve such a look till I tried out the Kate cosmetics at the Kate Bloggers’ event!
Kao Singapore presents Kate Bloggers’ Event.
And I’m sure Kate Cosmetics is no stranger to you beauty junkies.
Kate is all about breaking free from the usual routine, to just find your own style and dare to be it.
This is the motto behind Kate! 

If you want to know more about the event & Kate’s product offerings, PLEASE CLICK TO READ ON
I have lots to share!
Warning: Image-heavy post

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