Puur…. Meowfit of the day?

So Hello Kitty has a strong following of supporters but now the unseeming house cat (and yes, it has a mouth) has been gaining quite a number of fans too. So much so that we are seeing it inspired fashion trends.

So cat-inspired fashion may have been around for some time, well, on and off. However, of late, the feline trend has been taken to great heights, all thanks to Karl Lagerfeld who would be launching an accessories collection inspired by his famous feline Choupette next week, on 13th Nov to be exact. While Diane von Furstenberg has credited DJ Harley Viera Newton’s pampered kitty, Marmite, as the muse behind her latest capsule collection. I guess it is no surprise that this feline-inspired trend is here to stay, at least for awhile.

Here are some kitty outfits & accessories which I found to be interesting.


From gowns to casual skater dresses, we can see how cats have heavily influenced the fashion scene. The dress on the far right is from Topshop but I have spotted a similar one at H&M with only a few pieces left. I’d wanted to grab one but they ran out of my size.


Kitten Heels now have a while new meaning behind them. Don’t you find them adorable? My personal favorite would be the black polka dotted one with a red ribbon, there is just something about that bewildered kitty look that draws me. 46e49df9-834f-41cc-b5f0-1e16190ae6a1wallpaperAnd no glamour puss outfit is completed without cat-inspired accessories to match. I’m loving the lace cat ears hairband from ASOS. And those kitty leather pants are such a unique find.


So move aside Hello Kitty because you are too mainstream.

Ice-cream Inspired Fashion

I wonder if a Chanel ice-cream cone tastes better since you know, its branded. Hah!

So you have seen the fashion house’s creative director, Karl Lagerfeld’s collaboration with Melissa Shoes. Ice cream heels, yay or nay?

I personally find them really cute & fun to wear. Like I would seriously not mind wearing them to work.

And so anyway, this got me checking out other ice-cream inspired fashion pieces/trends. Little did I know that designer Rhonda Voo already had done a series of ice-cream shoes before Karl. Just check these out…

Perhaps they would go well with these Etude House’s Ice Cream Nails… Don’t they look delectable?

Next, check out these playful-looking necklaces. They are pretty kitschy, eh?

Last but not least, I guess Katy Perry’s Sundae dress is worth featuring in this Ice-cream theme blog post.

Now, would you excuse me while I go grab some Ben & Jerry’s?

Karl Lagerfeld for shu uemura: the BIRTH of mon shu girl

Mon Shu girl is Karl Lagerfeld’s creation for shu uemura and is named “mon shu uemura” which means my darling shu uemura in French. Below is Karl Lagerfeld’s sketch – created entirely by shuuemura products!


Here’s her introduction to the world:

“Bonjour! Hello! Konichiwa! I am mon shu girl, Karl Lagerfeld was so inspired by shu uemura and Japanese manga, he created me. I am on a mission to bring beauty to girls all around the world! Lately, I’ve been curious and eager to pop out the atelier of Karl.”

Take a look at mon shu girl’s birth right here on this YouTube Video.

The entire collection is a touching homage to shu uemura with the color selection and package design entirely directed by Karl Lagerfeld who also photographed the visual campaign. The delightful “mon shu girl” collection is a celebration of Japanese pop and European chic.

An optimistic ode to beauty and fashion “mon shu girl” is an icon of contemporary cuteness born from Karl Lagerfeld’s personal brand of European finesse and shu uemura’s Tokyo flair-a festive and fun gift to you for the 2012 holiday!

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