Fashion Trends With The Koreans

The K-wave has hit Singapore, leaving us wanting more of everything Korean. From the K-dramas and pop stars,  to the exquisite Korean cuisine and even fashion. Wanna look like a Korean hottie? Why not get some inspiration from what the folks in Korea are wearing now.

I love everything about that sassy lass above, from her finger tattoos to the gorgeous lace dress she’s wearing. Everything about her just screams chic. Wanna recreate this look? Here’s a guide for you. I’m digging the lacey heels below.

For more, head to Fashion Spotting in Garosugil, Seoul, Korea

Seriously, I think only the Koreans can make anything look fashionable. Bell-bottoms are back? I think I would look like a fashion disaster in those but not these Koreans. They just know what to pair them with to give out that awesome trendy chic vibes.

Complete your bell-bottoms with a pair of platform heels that are all the rage right now. And you are ready to rock the streets!

Can’t get enough of Korean-inspired fashion? There’s more at Fashion Spotting in Myeongdong, Seoul, Korea

Korean fashion IN Seoul, Korea, caught on our camera. What do you think?

With the ever increasing presence and status of Korea as a beauty hub, the winds of are blowing the worlds’ interest to the streets of Seoul. Korean fashion is said to be inspired by European and American design aesthetic which explains the vast mixture of styles. What do you think?

Fashion Spotting in Garosugil, Seoul, Korea

Fashion Spotting in Garosugil, Seoul, Korea

Get the look:

1. Valentino peep-toe lace couture pumps

2. Zee Na – Beige Black Suede

3. Asymmetrical Sleeve Lace Dress: Black

4. Black and Cream Bootie

5. Juicy Couture Skinny Enamel Bangle

6. Tiffany Metro Three-row Hinged Bangle

Fashion Spotting in Garosugil, Seoul, Korea

Fashion Spotting in Garosugil, Seoul, Korea

Get the look:

1. MAISON SCOTCH jungle print shorts

2. BUFFALO DAVID BITTON Penley Printed Shorts

3. SURFACE TO AIR digital printed shorts

4. Black Platform Wedge Heeled Slippers Sandals with Transparent Wide Straps

5. Hydra Platform Jelly

6. Transparent Womens Wizarrd Wedge Sandal

7. Just Access Viva Necklace

8. Beige Entourage Bag



Fashion Spotting in Garosugil, Seoul, Korea

Fashion Spotting in Garosugil, Seoul, Korea

Get the look:


2. Leather Jill Stuart pumps

3. Platform pumps

4. Zigi Skull Jane in White

5. Punk Carnival Bracelet in Mint Orange Combo & Pink

6. Seed beads colorful zigzags bracelet

7. Black and White Pleated Dress

8. Wool Dress in Black/White

9. Two-tone crepe dress

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Pretty Woman

In the past, undergoing the knife to look better was something kept under wraps and not to be talked about. However, as aesthetic procedures and plastic surgery became as common as taking a stroll in the park. People have started to be more open about having undergone such works. Some even taking it to the extends of sharing it online via social media websites.

And with the latest K-wave that swept Asia, beauty has once again been redefined. Everyone is dying to look, appear or even pass off as a Korean. All thanks to K-pop singers and groups such as Girls Generations and Missy A sporting fresh-faced, wide-eyed ladies with almost perfect-looking features.

Honestly, I don’t believe that their good looks can be attributed to just purely makeup. So there are rumors about plastic surgery. Well, with Korea being one of the top countries to go to for plastic surgery. Surely that is no big secret, right?

I mean, if you werent naturally blessed with good looks. Then there’s no harm forking out some money and having that fixed. Who won’t want to look like Kim Ah-Jung?

How bout Angelababy?

Or Nickhun for the guys?

So if you hate your droopy eyes or flat nose THAT much, then why not do something about? If you think that it would increase your self esteem and confidence, then why not? While I am probably gonna stick to just maybe minor, non-invasive aesthetic treatments such as botox and fillers, should I ever require them. I do not see anything wrong with undergoing plastic surgery or aesthetic procedures.

Personally, I think that life is too short, so just go ahead and do whatever that makes you happy. If I had the courage and money, I would love to pop by any famous surgeon’s clinic and get my face sharpened. I’m not sure how they are going to do it. Lengthen my face shape by adding chin fillers? Or inject botox into my square jaws. Perhaps, my face is too fat, I’ll probably need both procedures? Heh…

Speaking of which, I’ve tried jaw reduction with botox before. You can read all about my experience here. It was quick and relatively painless, my only grouse is the hefty price tag.

Also, aesthetic procedures are not just limited to botox and fillers. There’s a range of other treatments which are said to promote youthful looking skin through the use of lasers and other technology. Amazing, isn’t it?

Well, if you are curious and itching to find out more. Then you should really head down over to , specially brought to you by MyFatPocket, is a new portal where consumers can gain knowledge and be empowered to make informed decisions about how to look and feel better.

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