Exabra from Cle Maison – Why I Have Decided To Invest In A Quality Bra


I shall be honest about my bra choices and admit that I usually do not spend anything beyond S$50 on them. And that is simply because I do not see any reason to get quality bras. That was until I went to Cle Maison and found out why we all should invest in a good bra.


Sometimes we get too preoccupied with the loss of collagen on our face and forget that as the collagen in our breasts gives way, the elasticity in our breasts declines as well. Even if you are like me with really average sized breasts, do not be fooled that our tiny itty bites will not sag as well.

As we age and go on to our 30s, our skin stretches and loses elasticity which eventually leads to the drooping of the breasts. The changes in our breasts can be prominent if we have gone through pregnancy and breastfed our babies. This is why prevention at an early stage is necessary. I guess it still is not too late for me to right things now!


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[Sponsored] Hada Labo New Products! New Nano Formula & Eye Cream

I have always adored Hada Labo for their quality products with their hydrating lotion & cleansing oil being a personal favorite of mine. I’m delighted that they have added 2 more products to the current range. Most of you are probably familiar with their best-selling hydrating lotions. Now, they have one with a new Nano formula. Presenting the

Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Lotion with new Nano Formula


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[GIVEAWAY] Japanese Beauty Event! Bifesta & Kiss Me Heroine Make ♥♥♥

June & I attended this beauty event at Mandom Corp. a week ago & we are back to share about what we’ve learnt. :) Do you recall the Cleaning Express Makeup Removers? I’d blogged about it sometime back & strongly recommended it… Yeah, you can read all about it HERE

So now, they will be renamed as BIFESTA and enhanced with Plus-ion Hyaluronic Acid!

This is Japan’s first water based makeup remover and has been largely popular all over Asia. It’s unique water base technology has quick floating functions that wraps and seals around impurities; lifting it off the skin as you clean your face.

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