CNY Shopping… Part I?

Ok, so I felt guilty for not updating my blog these few days. I have been busy with the baby and dog and a million other stuff which I don’t really know what… heh… I had to turn to the Internet for my CNY shopping.

2014-01-11 20.35.34

Sadly, I’d only managed to get my footwear settled so far… Presenting my CNY kicks!

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Year of Snake. From the Jungles to HDB!

Chinese Lunar New Year is just round the corner and as we usher in the Year of the Snake. Let me share with you some lovely snakeskin inspired items. Of course, faux snakeskin for me because poor snakes shouldn’t be sacrificed for the sake of fashion.

I totally adore snakeskin items, let me share some with you :

#1- Ballet Flats

I have several pairs of heels in faux snakeskin but nothing is as pretty as these ballet flats. The ribbons add a hint of innocence to the whole exotic look of the shoes.

#2 – Cardcase

It isn’t branded but I thought that this pale-colored faux snakeskin card case was really unique.

#3 – Handbag

One of the most common accessory to spot the snakeskin is the handbag. This Mulberry arm candy oozes elegance & sex appeal.

#4 – Iphone Case

Love the texture of this matt mauve snakeskin iPhone casing.

#5 – Apparel

Hints of snakeskin on apparel can add sophistication to your image. This is a very gorgeous classic-looking skirt.

As you can see, snakeskin in different shades are unique and can add some fun into your whole look 😉 Visit our Fashion column for the latest glitteringly awesome Fashion trends and news.

Charles & Keith QC really FAIL! (PART II)

Previously, I had complained to Charles & Keith about this pair of heels which I’d bought. You can read about it and view the photos in the PRECIOUS BLOG ENTRY. I thought it was my imagination till I went to measure the straps at the side. There was a discrepancy! One side had longer straps then the other.

Though, yes, I must applaud their customer service team for the swift action taken to reply my queries and allowing an exchange. However, I am upset that a mistake had happened without anyone noticing.

It turns out that the ENTIRE batch had a problem! I believe I am not the first shopper to have purchased this design – CK1-60360400. And all 3 colors for this design are affected, please check your heels if you had bought the same design as me.

It’s really such a disappointment cause I really like this design a lot.

Check out the email from their CS:

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Charles & Keith Shoes QC Failed?

This is an open letter to Charles & Keith.

I have been a fan of C&K heels for the longest time and in my recent purchase of 3 pairs of lovely heels. I found one of them to be defective… I thought it was my imagination when I tried the heels. I even tried 2 pairs and then dismissed the thought that something was wrong with the right heel.

Today is the 1st day I’m wearing them out and it has been pretty uncomfortable. It feels like as though one of the straps on the right side is longer than the one of the left. My left heel is very comfortable and fits me snugly unlike the right side. Initially, I thought that perhaps my right foot was a tad bit bigger or smaller than the size I bought.

Anyway, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to measure the strap.

LEFT HEEL which has no problems:

As you can clearly see it’s 2.5cm.

Whereas on the RIGHT heel, the problem heel…

*GASP* It’s more close to 3cm! No wonder the baby toe on my right foot feels weird and out of place because there is GAP of approximately 0.5cm.

Even in the above photo, it’s pretty obvious that the RIGHT side’s strap is longer. What a pity because I really like this pair of heels.

So, CHARLES & KEITH, what do you have to say about this?
Was this part of a defective batch?


C&K replied

Once again we would like to thank you for taking your precious time to send down your affected shoes with article CK1-60360400 in Navy 37 to our outlet in NEX. 

After our investigation, there is really an issue with your pair of shoes.

We will be honoring you a one to one exchange for your affected shoes. You may decide to choose another design of your choice, howeverthere will be no refunds for items that are lower priced and a top up is require for anything higher.

Kindly let us know which outlet would you prefer to do the exchange so that we can make the necessary arrangement for your visit.

Hope to hear from you soon.


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