[Review] Marc Anthony Hydrating Coconut Oil & Shea Butter Hair Care range

The last time I tried the Marc Anthony’s Oil of Morocco, I was so amazed by the results that it also appeared on my blogpost on my must purchase list of beauty products. So as a fan of Marc Anthony hair care products, I was delighted to try out their latest range which had coconut oil and shea butter to treat dry, brittle and damaged hair.


If dry hair is bothering you then look no further, because this range that boosts of coconut oil and shea butter; a heavenly combination full of natural moisturising qualities, is sure to keep your hair looking all healthy, silky smooth and shiny.


Coconut oil infuses deep moisture to keep hair supple, it helps to prevent breakage and splitting while also encouraging growth. While shea butter protects the hair from damaging elements and they even had it infused with biotin to pamper your scalp and locks with all that wholesome Vitamin B goodness! Continue reading

[Review] Marc Anthony’s Oil of Morocco Argan Oil

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After trying out Marc Anthony’s Oil of Morocco Argan Oil hair range. I couldn’t stop running my hands through my hair. Some shampoos despite claiming to be moisturizing and for damaged hair have left my locks all dry and brittle. But not this range, in fact, it felt so good just using the shampoo + conditioner combo only. You can only imagine the results when used together with the Argan Oil Treatment.

What’s so special about this Oil of Morocco range is that it has combined Argan Oil with another super-ingredient, Keratin, which helps to fortify, protect and correct hair cuticles. You would be pleased to know that the products are sulfate free and suitable for those with sensitive scalps.

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Both shampoo and conditioner contains Keratin, Grape Seed Oil and Argan Oil. It protects hair from damage, prevents frizz and preserves color. The shampoo deeply cleanses to rejuvenate and rid hair of impurities while the conditioner instantly smoothes frizz and creates soft, shiny and supple hair.

I wasn’t expecting for such astonishing results until I tried it for myself. And I should have known better since Argan Oil is very versatile essential oil that has multipurpose benefits. I was saved from stretch marks on my tummy during pregnancy all thanks to Argan Oil. It boosts of high levels of antioxidants. When it comes to hair, Argan Oil helps to regain shine and strengthen. So it’s really a very useful and nourishing product.

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Also in this collection is the Argan Oil Treatment which can be used daily for stronger, glossier and frizz-free hair. It contains all these rich, antioxidant and nourishing properties such as Argan Oil, Mediterranean Olive Oil, Keratin, Vitamin E and Shea Butter.

You can use it on either dry or damp hair, just apply 1-3 drops, spreading it evenly and style hair as per normal. For damaged hair, apply 2-4 drops at night before bedtime. You will definitely feel and see the difference in the morning. Trust me on that.

You can find Marc Anthony’s Oil of Morocco Argan Oil products at selected Watson’s Stores including Ngee Ann City, Bugis Junction, ION Orchard, Marina Square and Vivo City. Both Shampoo & Conditioner are going for S$17.90 each while the Treatment Oil is priced at S$18.90.

Back to Salon De Choix for A New Color!

I was so busy getting back on track that I didn’t have time to do my hair last month. So here I am again, back at Salon De Choix for a new hair color.

One of the current trends for hair color now is lighter shade on the top while the bottom is darker. It’s like the total opposite from previous seasons where there was much emphasis on flash or artificial hair color such as pastels or bright shades which you would never see in nature. Now, the trends are going back to nature, so picture this… all the healthy rich browns, reds, coppers and blondes.

So I got to try out this latest trend but in different colors… check it out:

So that’s why you see my hair is all bunched up in this below photo. It’s how my hair looks like after the top part of my hair is being separated in a four-leaf clover section.

 As usual, I had a trim and hair treatment done too. My hair feels so much tidier and lighter now. I used to not go for trims but now I understand why regular trims are so important. When your hair grows, it can grow out of shape or your ends get so damaged and causes your whole hair to look really just messy and unkempt.

I had Argan oil added into my hair mask. If you have read my previous blog entries on Argan oil, you would know that this is the liquid gold from Morocco. It not only saved my tummy from stretch marks but it is also good for the hair. You can restore strength and shine in your hair with this miracle oil. After I had this hair mask done, my hair felt silky smooth and had no tangles at all. To end things off, Elein applied Shu Uemura’s Art of Hair products for me. The nourishing fragrance had a lovely vanilla scent!


I’m loving it soooooo much!!!

I think I look refreshed and neater now.

My hair is much more manageable and healthy-looking.

Meanwhile, do go to Salon De Choix and LIKE their FACEBOOK Page. If you are planning to get your hair done, you could check out Salon De Choix, it’s located at 3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1.  My stylist is Miss Elein.

Remember, you must mention my name CHARLOTTE for 15% off their hair services. Alternatively, you could go to App Stores to download their app – just search for “Salon De Choix

After installing it onto your smart phone, you can register via the app. Make bookings via this app to get 15% off! If it is your birthday month, you get an additional 20% off! How cool is that!?

Do also check out below for their current on-going promotion!

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