[Review] Liese Hair Spray – Best selling Hair Spray in Japan!

I hardly ever use hair styling products cuz I’m such a lazy person. I prefer to wear my hair as it is but sometimes it gets so unmanageable. And there are days where I’m feeling slightly more adventurous and want to spice up things alittle.

Now, Liese has 2 best-selling hair sprays you can check out. I was given both to play around with. There is the Free Arrange Hair Spray for Airy and Light style without any stickiness. And there is Super Hard Hair Spray for those who want to lock their hairstyle in place.




Untitled 5.33.42 PM

I am a fan of the Super Hard Hair Spray, never thought I would say this though. Because I am one of those who would prefer an airy and light hair-do instead. However, I didn’t really feel much difference with the Free Arrange Hair Spray.


You see all the flyaway baby hairs sticking out like a sore thumb? I managed to tame them with Liese’s Clear Cube Wax 01. Then to get it to stay in place for the entire day, I used the Super Hard Hair Spray and guess what? I’m pretty pleased with the end result :)

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