Welcoming 2017 With Open Arms


Looking back, 2016 wasn’t as horrible as I had made it out to be. I had been so blinded by my anger and bitterness that I had overlooked the immerse amount of blessings I had received in 2016. Just to recall for my blog, I remember starting off the year with a wonderful media invite at CulinaryOn, Asher and I had blast making pasta. The following months brought some great blog collaboration opportunities. As for my social life, I had the chance to reconnect with friends whom played an essential role in being a pillar of strength for the trying period.


Last year’s resolution was simply to lose weight and save more since I was going to start a job. Moving forward this year, I am going to focus on spiritual and emotional healing and growth. I am thankful to a friend who has been giving me guidance so far. I also want to foster stronger relationship with family, communicate better and spend more quality time with them.


But I am not going to be ambitious and start listing my new year resolutions this round. because we all know what happen to new year resolutions after awhile. So I think I shall just end this here for now.

2017, I just know you are going to be an awesome year!


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