Halloween & Christmas Picks From Lush Sg


Lush is everyone’s favourite handmade cosmetic stores and I was really psyched to be one of the first to check out the latest festive launch which featured both the Halloween and Christmas collection.

Lush Singapore

My favourite section has got to be the bath bombs area. This Christmasarus Rex is just one of the many fun festive bath bombs available for sale. I found this new range of bath bombs to be more visually captivating the moment they touch the water.

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Hello October!

October has always been a magical month for me. It was the month of Asher’s birth, the month where we get to celebrate Halloween and also the month I’d regained my freedom and stopped work.


It’s strange but I’m surprisingly optimistic about October. I think it would bring great things, new beginnings! And guess what? We are also having our first flea market this month too.


Do visit us if you are nearby :) I’m kinda busy preparing for his birthday party so this post is gonna be short. Can’t wait to update with posts on his party and flea market though… October, you are gonna be AWESOME!!!!

Happy Halloween!

So the celebrations may be over but today’s the actual day and I’m sure some folks are out there trick-or-treating despite it being a work/school day tomorrow. If you are bored at home, why not check out these crazy Halloween-related articles…


 Paris Fashion Week: How To Get Some Of The Runway’s Top Makeup Looks for Halloween Tips

Dare To Be Different! 2013 Top 10 Sexiest Halloween Costumes

The Miley Cyrus Costume: This Halloween, It May Come With A Reputation

How To Get Your Dog To Love His Costume

Real Or Fake? Famous Mysterious Ghost Pictures Investigated

Halloween Costume Ideas 2013: Ridiculous Outfits That Will Make You Shake Your Head

Celebrate Halloween In A Harry-Potter-Hogwarts-like Irish Castle

Bin Liner Frocks, Trashy Dresses and Knickers on Show: The Awards Ceremony


Halloween Candy for Your Feet

Sentosa Spooktacular Hires Super Naturals as Fort Siloso’s Residents

Halloween Ghost Riders’ Night at Caffé B

Cute Babywearing Halloween Costumes

I happened to chance upon some photos and thought they looked really cute. I applaud the creativity of these mothers to come up with such awesome ideas. So if you are pregnant or have a baby who hasn’t mastered walking yet and you want to be part of the trick-or-treating. Fret not and grab some ideas from these photos I am going to share.

Pregnant costume ideas:


Babywearing Mothers & theirs Babies in Costumes:


All photos credited to the original owners. You mommies rock!


Hello October!

I love October because the fun stuff always happens this month.

Like Halloween, Fashion Week, Oktoberfest and my boy’s birthday. Hee! Check out what MyFatPocket will be covering during this awesome month!


Fashionistas, watch out! Expect a visual orgy on FASHION WEEK from Seoul, London, Milan and even our very own Singapore’s Fide Fashion Week on the MFP site. You will be informed of the latest trends with this coverage of fashion weeks round the world.

Halloween is once again here. Expect lots of coverage on crazy, out of this world news from weird food and sex stuff to horror places which you might wanna check out if you have the guts.

Here’s to October, may it be awesome!

Halloween Costumes 2011

Halloween is exactly a week away and I’m all hyped up! Since a little girl, I’ve always anticipated this time of the year. I guess I’ve grown up watching too much of Channel 5 & westernized kids show such as “Are you afraid of the dark” and “Sesame Street”.

Halloween, which falls on 31st October, is not so much celebrated by the local kids in Singapore. I think only those expats hold private parties in their lush mansions down district 10.

So I grew up lacking the dressing up and Halloween culture in my childhood. This made me determined to relive the ‘lost childhood’ in my teen years. But alas, none of my friends were into this whole dress up idea. It was not until 3 years ago that I finally got to attend my VERY FIRST HALLOWEEN party at Zouk. It’s pathetic I know. And now that I’m nearing the big 30 in a couple of years… I don’t know if the tradition should go on.


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My Picks on Gadgets & Love+Sex Articles from MFP!

If you have been browsing the My Fat Pocket Portal, you would find loads of interesting articles. Today, I’ll share with you my Top 5 Gadgets Articles:

#1 – Geeky Tattoos are for not Geeks only

How ’bout angry birds tattoo, anyone? Folks are getting more inspired by the IT world when it comes to their body art.

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Halloween & how mine was ruined by The Arena

My 1st Halloween experience was way back in 2008 and it was superb. Probably because I had on a fabulously cute witch outfit; one which I had been lemming for since ages.
I went without expectations since it was my first time but I had ended up having the time of my life. My bestie, June accompanied me despite being ill and she got to borrow my brand new Sergent Sexy costume. We had the costumes, the props so all we had to do was to just go out & have fun.

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