Happy Halloween!

So the celebrations may be over but today’s the actual day and I’m sure some folks are out there trick-or-treating despite it being a work/school day tomorrow. If you are bored at home, why not check out these crazy Halloween-related articles…


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Halloween Costumes 2011

Halloween is exactly a week away and I’m all hyped up! Since a little girl, I’ve always anticipated this time of the year. I guess I’ve grown up watching too much of Channel 5 & westernized kids show such as “Are you afraid of the dark” and “Sesame Street”.

Halloween, which falls on 31st October, is not so much celebrated by the local kids in Singapore. I think only those expats hold private parties in their lush mansions down district 10.

So I grew up lacking the dressing up and Halloween culture in my childhood. This made me determined to relive the ‘lost childhood’ in my teen years. But alas, none of my friends were into this whole dress up idea. It was not until 3 years ago that I finally got to attend my VERY FIRST HALLOWEEN party at Zouk. It’s pathetic I know. And now that I’m nearing the big 30 in a couple of years… I don’t know if the tradition should go on.


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