Treatment N Trim @ Headlines Hair Dressing


Ashamed to admit that I have been neglecting my hair of late and couldn’t wait to head down to Headlines Hair Dressing to shower it with some pampering. And since my blue and yellow streaks have faded back into a lovely shade of grayish blonde which I’m totally digging, I decided not to dye it. Besides, I felt that my hair needed a break from all the dyeing and bleaching.

So I had the Scena 4 Step Hair Treatment done, this is usually recommended for dry and damaged hair. I also finally gotten a much needed trim as my hair ends were starting split. Never underestimate the difference a hair cut can make! Nic not only trimmed the ends but also thinned it. I could literally feel a weight off my shoulders and head, I have not gotten a hair cut for such a long time that my hair had grown so thick and heavy.


Check out my soft and smooth locks after the treatment and trim. My bleached ends actually look healthy and manageable. If you have dry and damaged ends like me and your frizzy ends are bothering you, do check out this Mucota Scena 4 Step Treatment at Headlines Hair Dressing! :)

As I’m writing this blog entry, I’d just realized that I have been with Headlines Hair Dressing for the past 1 year. Oh boy, how time flies! Looking back, it was an enjoyable experience collaborating with the good folks over there. Nic has been great in offering creative ideas when it comes to color styles and dye jobs. You know you can count on him for something totally unique which suits your look and personality. My stylist is Nicolas. Look for him and quote my name “CHARLOTTE” to get up to 15% discount. For more information, please visit their website and follow their Facebook Page for the latest updates and promotions. Headlines Hair Dressing is located conveniently at China Square Central, #01-15.
You can call 6221 6866 to make an appointment.

Here’s a recap of the past hair colors I had done with Nic.  You can read more about my Headlines Hair Dressing experience in these entries.

Collage 2016-05-04 22_28_52

Meanwhile, email me at if you are keen in collaborating or becoming my hair sponsor! :)


Peacock Blue Green Inspired Hair by Headlines Hairdressing


So I had a new hair color as most of you should know since I had updated on my Facebook Page. Here’s the low down on the beautiful peacock inspired greens and blues you see on my locks.

Collage 2016-02-28 18_51_42

As you know, in January, I had my whole head dyed ash grey to cover up my bleached ends. That color was just gorgeous but the ends were back to the original bleached shade in almost 2 months. So it was time to get a new color. This round, I decided to go for something more playful and yet subtle enough for the workplace. So I opted for blue and decided to add in another color for a more unique look. Continue reading

Going Dark For Work, New Hair Colour By Headlines HairDressing


I’m starting work and I decided that my bleached ends, which started showing after the granny chic grey faded off, were too bright. So after a consultation with Nic, my stylist, at the China Square branch. I have decided to join the dark side, since I also happen to look better with darker locks too.


And as usual, I left the shade to Nic’s decision since I knew my hair was in good hands. He settled for an ash brown tone and because my ends were bleached, it turned out pretty unique. The top of my hair is a shade of very dark brown that almost looks like black and while the ends have this slightly grayish blue tone. Loving my new hair colour so much! Continue reading

My Grey Hair By Headlines Hairdressing


The granny hair trend has been around for a while, Kpop stars such as Hyunseung of b2st and BIGBANG’s Daesung to Hollywood’s bad girl, Rihanna have already been spotting silver grey locks a few years back. However, it had everyone embracing this latest hair trend only recently after A-listers such as Cara Delevingne went for this granny chic hue.


And I’m happy to announce that I’ve jumped on the granny hair bandwagon, well, at least for the ends. Because seriously, I don’t have the guts to go full on grey from roots to ends. But I love this much more subtle touch which Nic from Headlines Hairdressing had created for me.

IMG_20151125_222022_resized Continue reading

Mucota Dyna Argan Oil Treatment At Headlines Hairdressing


After getting my hair bleached the second time for my outrageous shocking green and pink combo last month, I decided that my tresses were in need of some good old pampering again. So here I am, back at Headlines Hairdressing for a hair treatment! And the only reason I’m smiling here is because I know my hair is going to be transformed.

Collage 2015-10-30 14_41_41-1_resized

After examining my locks, my hair stylist, Nicolas recommended their signature hair treatment, the MUCOTA Dyna Argan Oil treatment. This pampering is specially formulated with the oil extracted from Moroccan argan tree nuts. Rich in vitamin E, omega-3 and omega-6, it helps to straighten, repair and nourish hair damaged by frequent chemical treatments to a luxuriously smooth, soft and shiny state.


Continue reading

My Boldest Colours By Headlines Hairdressing


If you thought my previous hair color which is known more famously as one of the latest hair trends; the lived-in hair color was cool. Then check out my most daring hair color ever….


Even though this psychedelic combination is made up of just mystical turquoise and vibrant pink with a dark ash brown base. Some parts of it look like the hues of the rainbow where you can spot a little bit of blue and yellow too. You could say this look was inspired by all things magical, think unicorns, mermaids and faeries.
Continue reading

Mucota Scena 4 Step Hair Treatment at Headlines Hairdressing


I had my hair bleached last month and the ends were starting to dry out despite frequent usage of hair conditioner. So I’m back at Headlines Hair Dressing at China Square with Nicolas, my trusty stylist to fix it. And my hair got treated to the Mucota Scena 4 Step Treatment, which is highly recommended for dry and damaged hair.



Continue reading

The Latest Hair Trend: Lived In Hair Colour by Headlines Hairdressing


Move aside ombre, balayage and say HELLO to Lived-In Color, the latest hair trend that everyone is talking about. The lived-in color is best described by The Cut as “made-up words like bronde or blondette best describe the effect. The end of a strand will look ashy blonde, the one next to it, ashy brunette, and the root, a solid brown. But seen a step back, these strands somehow work together to form a hair waterfall of color.”


It’s a lovely mishmash of both styles to give your hair that au naturel look. To start off, my stylist Nic had to bleach the bottom layers first. That’s how you get the gorgeous cool ashy blonde at the bottom. Incorporating the Balayage’s french technique of application, Nic then painstakingly paints each individual strand with a brush to create the natural-looking highlights.


Continue reading

Mucota Argan Oil Treatment At Headlines Hair Dressing



I’m excited to share with you my experience at my new hair sponsor, Headlines Hair Dressing, which is located conveniently at China Square Central, #01-15. I’ve not had anything done to my hair for the longest time and it was obvious. My roots were showing, my hair was shapeless, my color was faded and not to mention that it felt dry and damaged.


So my hair stylist, Nicolas recommended that I try out their signature hair treatment, the MUCOTA Dyna Argan Oil treatment. Specially formulated with the oil extracted from Moroccan argan tree nuts, this treatment helps to straighten, repair and nourish hair damaged by frequent chemical treatments. It is also loved by the patrons of Headlines Hair Dressing because unlike other hair treatments (such as your usual keratin treatments) in the current market, the Dyna Argan Oil treatment is 100% formaldehyde-free, making it safe to use. Continue reading

Christmas Shopping Made Easy With Sephora X Zalora App

Even though it is just 15 days away from Christmas, there is still time to do some Christmas shopping for presents. Your favorite beauty brand & chain of cosmetic stores, Sephora, has collaborated with Zalora to offer you the ease of shopping for the all-time favourite beauty brands such as Sephora Collection, MAKE UP FOR EVER, Too Faced, Soap & Glory, Tarte and many more ONLINE. You can expect over 700 cult beauty products available exclusively only online at ZALORA! Or you could also do your shopping via the Zalora App. And as if shopping in the comforts of your bed with just your PJs on isn’t good enough, you can expect your order to reach you within 3 working days! Yes, they are that efficient!


Remember the lobang I shared previously about the freebies from Zalora? Well, here’s more information about it —>

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It’s real simple to participate, just check out the video on it! And try to spot me if you can 😉

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