New Hair New Look

I think it is funny how November is like a month full of Korean related stuff. First, I did a Korean V Lift face thread lifting at The Knightsbridge Clinic in Singapore before my trip to Seoul. And then when I returned, I decided to get my hair done and the only hair salon in J8 happened to be Apujeong Hair Salon, which is a Korean hair salon.


So I decided to chop off my bleached ends which was almost 4 inches long. :( Now I would have to wait and wait again for my hair to grow long again. I don’t think I would be bleaching my hair again anytime soon. I am grateful for being to experiment with crazy colours for the past 2 years.

And it looks like I am sticking back to darker hair colour as it seems to compliment me better. Overall, I am pretty pleased with my new hair. The total damage was $246. $38 for cut by senior hair stylist and $208 for the IONA hair colour.


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