[Sponsored] Hada Labo New Products! New Nano Formula & Eye Cream

I have always adored Hada Labo for their quality products with their hydrating lotion & cleansing oil being a personal favorite of mine. I’m delighted that they have added 2 more products to the current range. Most of you are probably familiar with their best-selling hydrating lotions. Now, they have one with a new Nano formula. Presenting the

Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Lotion with new Nano Formula


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[Review] Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing UV Milk with SPF50 PA+++

If you do follow my blog, you will know that I am a Hada Labo fan! This will be the 5th product I am going to review. So excited to try it out after receiving it. If you wish to read up my other reviews, please CLICK HERE!

38ml for S$19.90, retailing exclusively at Watsons

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing UV Milk with SPF50 PA+++ is a 3-In-1 Sun Protection which offers High Sun Protection While Caring For Skin. This multipurpose UV milk has 3-in-1 benefits: UV Protection, Hydration, and Make-Up Base

The UV milk is gentle on skin, as it is free of artificial ingredients such fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol and colorant that may burden the skin. This UV milk also keeps the skin’s pH balanced, and is rigorously tested for low skin irritation.

Sounds good, yeah? This is why I’m so excited to try it out. Especially since I have sensitive skin now, I wasn’t sure about experimenting with new products. But so far, Hada Labo products have been gentle on my skin. So I took the plunge…

As you can see, the bottle is pretty small and handy. Which makes it convenient to just bring it along anywhere.  I also like how it doubles up as a makeup base too. Just check out the texture:

This reminds me of another Japanese brand of sunscreen that is very popular. The runny liquid may seem watery but do not be fooled by its appearence. After a few rubs, it turns into what seems like a powdery touch. The skin is then protected with sunscreen but there is no unsightly white cast.

Because it is also a makeup base, makeup goes on smoothly after that and stays throughout the day. This is defintely another product by Hada Labo worth checking out.

Overall Rating: 

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[Review] Hada Labo introduces the Retinol Lifting & Firming Lotion

This is the 4th Hada Labo product I’m trying out and so far this brand has not let me down. It’s targeted at anti-aging which is great for anyone 25 and above. Because this is when where we start to age and we can do something about slowing down the aging process. As you can see, the Hada Labo Retinol Lifting & Firming Lotion which comes from the new Lifting & Firming range:

It is a toner that evens skin texture with Retinol Vitamin A that reduces fine lines and wrinkles, collagen that improves skin elasticity for firmer and more lift in your skin, and Super Hyaluronic Acid that instantly locks in moisture for intense hydration!

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[REVIEW] New Hada Labo Cleansing Oil with High Purity Olive Oil

Anyone remembers this brand? When it was first introduced in June last year,  it’s star product; the Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion became extremely popular with the Singaporean ladies. Do read my review HERE.

Anyway, now they have a new product that will launch this month. It’s the Hada Labo Cleansing oil with High Purity Olive Oil.

I’ll be honest and admit that I’m not really an oil cleanser person.This brand is renowned for its quality so I was curious to try out what this cleansing oil could do for me.

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Hada-Labo Cleanser – SHA Hydrating Face Wash

Hada-Labo is a skincare range from Japan.
It’s currently now exclusively available at Watsons stores.

Fr3b & Haba-Labo were so kind to send me their products to try out & review.
If you wish to try them out for yourself, do get the FREE SAMPLES by clicking on the picture below:

I’ve just tried their cleanser so this review will be solely on that product only.
This SHA Hydrating Face Wash contains Super Hyaluronic Acid to help restore and preserve skin’s nature moisture.

Firstly, the cleanser has no fragrance.
I could not really smell anything except for a light, faint scent which I can’t seem to describe. The texture was creamy and rich.

And it foams up pretty much so just a tiny bit will do.
After lathering, I found that my face feels clean and soft to touch.
Unlike some cleansers in the market, it did not make my face feel taut and too tight due to it being too drying.
The SHA Hydrating Face Wash is really gentle on the skin and I think those with sensitive skin can try it out.

I’ll continue using it for the rest of the week.

Meanwhile, do drop by Fr3b to get your free samples!

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