[Review] CandyDoll Base Makeup

This is part 3 and my final post on the CandyDoll makeup I’ve received. If you missed out my other blog entries on the lip glosses and blushers, do check it out HERE.

From left to right, the CandyDoll foundation, Makeup base, Liquid Foundation and last but not least, the Face Powder.

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[Review] CandyDoll Cheek Color – Carrot Orange

The orange blush look had been all the rage since the Fall of 2011. I’ve tried a number orangey-peachy blushers but none as truly pure in shade like this CandyDoll Orange blusher. So true to its name – Carrot Orange; this cheek color is the exact shade of the vegetable that bunnies love.

I’m sure CandyDoll is a brand that’s no stranger to everyone. If you need a recap, check out my first entry on CandyDoll and its lip glosses/lip stick HERE. CandyDoll is a top Popteens brand in Japan, owned, designed and spoke by Masuwaka Tsubasa whose popular for her Gyaru aka Gal styled makeup looks.

So let’s check out this orange cheek color:

And see how it looks on my cheeks…

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[Review] Candydoll Lip Glosses / Lip Stick – Sassy, Pretty & Kawaii

CandyDoll is a top Popteens brand in Japan, owned, designed and spoke by Masuwaka Tsubasa (益若翼) who is a top Popteens model in Japan. Her popularity encouraged many pops fan and teenagers to follow her fashion style and makeup trend. CandyDoll first developed with the Cheek and Lip series followed by Lipstick and Mineral Powder lines.
Ms Tsubasa creates all different kind of makeup techniques, styles, looks and trends by using the most basic CandyDoll Color Cosmetics. Her look is famously known as a Gyaru look which literally means ‘Gal’ (Thanks Mocha for clarifying). As you can see her makeup inspirations are mostly very sweet, girlish and lolita-like.
I’ve gotten a bunch of Candydoll products to try out and boy, am I excited! For this entry, I’ll focus on the lip products – Lip glosses colors below which are newly launched at Watsons and the lip stick.

Tried 16mm dia big eye lenses?

Was surfing the net & saw this news article “Online bulk purchase of contact lenses on the rise”, you may read about it here. And it kinda caught my attention because I had bought big eye lenses online before.

However, unlicensed online sellers are not allowed to sell contact lenses without proper prescriptions as this may lead to eye health problems. In fact, MOH are sending out warning letters to several blogshops which are doing so.

As guilty as I am in purchasing them, I felt that it would be fine to just share my thoughts on the big eye lenses. I think they’re an essential item for those who want to achieve the Japanese Gyaru look.

To get such a dolly look, one must emphasize on the eyes. And apart from using false lashes to create the huge, dolly eyes effect, you should invest in a pair of big eye lenses. Usual sizes are 13.8mm, 14mm (the usual I’m using) and if I’m not wrong 16mm would be the biggest.

So what would be the outcome? Would I end up looking like one of creatures affected by Mary Ann’s energy in Vampire serial show, TRUE BLOOD?

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Dolly Wink Fake Lashes by Tsubasa Masuwaka *** KAWAII ***

Since we’re still on the topic of false lashes, I must really blog about this.
You might have already seen or heard of this brand.
Apparently, some lashes were brought in to Singapore and sold at Watsons but they’re all currently SOLD OUT!!!

Well, it certainly is no surprise as these LASHES are HOT,HOT,HOT!!!

Dolly Wink is a cosmetic line by 25 year old top gyaru model Tsubasa Masuwaka.
She is absolutely adorable and pretty.

I wish I could carry off her big eyed dolly look too.

Maybe if I get my hands on those lashes, I could possibly make a feeble attempt to emulate her makeup look.
Anyway, what the hell is gyaru? It took me abit of googling before I found out that the direct translation of “gyaru” is “girl”. And that the gyaru fashion is really HOT not only in Japan but also in other parts of the world like even Spain & Russia!?
It’s more of a cutsey aka Kawaii dressing where the girls usually sport brown, blonde or some other light-colored hair and shimmering dolly makeup. Some are tanned to give that bronzed sun-kissed look. They like to wear girly, feminine cutsey outfits and finish off the look with a pair of ridiculously high platform shoes.

Example of Gyaru girls and their fashion

Anyway, just to share more pictures of the lashes design from Dolly Wink!
Stop drooling!! 😛

They cost ¥1,260 in Japan, I wonder how much would they retail over here.
That’s like freaking SGD20+ per pair of lashes!!!
Check out their website HERE

Dolly Wink Products can be bought from SASA Hong Kong Online!

***All images shown in this blog entry are taken from Goodle Images & the Dolly Wink Official Website***

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