How Much Are You Willing To Splurge On A Diaper Bag?

This question popped up when I started my hunt for THE NEXT DIAPER BAG. I’ve spent so much money on cheap bags that would last 3-4 months before giving way. I guess it is also partly my fault for buying normal bags and not diaper bags. You see, diaper bags were made to withstand all that battle ammo you throw in. Like the diapers, wet tissue pack, milk bottles, warmer, bibs, books or toys and so on. But yet, the fashionista in me finds most diaper bags boring. I didn’t want to be seen with a bag that obviously looked like a diaper bag. Because let’s face it, most diaper bags are ugly and not stylish.

My first diaper bag was a proper diaper bag but we had so much stuff in it and the sling wasn’t cushioned so it actually hurt to carry it around. After that, I bought a few other bags which eventually had their straps break because they could not withstand the weight I was carrying around.


Now, I’m wondering if I should just invest in an expensive diaper bag. Maybe a branded one. Or maybe I should just get a branded bag to double up as a diaper bag since branded stuff last longer, right?


But was I willing to splurge on something which some mothers point out that might be constantly covered in drool, poop and food. (Actually, I had gotten poo on my Prada before) Look at the Louis Vuitton Mini Lin Diaper Bag (discontinued), I think it could pass off as a laptop bag. Oh yes, anything that doesn’t spell out Diaper Bag!


Adelina Madelina has some really cute prints but I’m still not so sure about the whole design. I know, I know, you must be wanting to slap me hard now because diaper bags look like diaper bags because they ARE diaper bags. Obviously, I am clear on that. I just wished that they could design and manufacture something that didn’t scream DIAPER BAG!


Maybe something like the McQueen bag which Rachel Zoe decides to use as a diaper bag. Well, I actually have my eye on a bag (and it is not a diaper bag) now but it is gonna cost me a bomb. So it’s between the bag or using the money to pay off life insurance premiums. Hmmm…

I’m so so envious of these ladies

Gosh, they are so lucky! The GUCCI & LV bags have gotten their winners. In fact, the lucky lady who won the GUCCI has gone shopping and bought a gorgeous GUCCI bag!

Lia was the blessed lady who got this advance birthday present from MFP. You can head down to the MFP forum to view the VIDEO on her shopping trip to Gucci boutique.

Also the LV winner was just announced only, you may head down to view the VIDEO. Congrats to Dawn, lady luck was indeed shining upon her. She had been aiming for the LV bag and now she has gotten it. Both ladies are active forumers in the MFP Forum , each having more than 1300 posts so far. The more posts you have, the more lucky draw chances you get.

The rest of you envious ladies fret not, there’s still 3 more bags to be won. So if you have not been posting much, then you should start doing so to up your chances of winning. Especially so for the grand draw of the much coveted CHANEL bag… Yes, I will be dying of envy on the day when the winner of the CHANEL bag is announced. (Can it be me???? Pretty pls!!!!!)

So anyway, the draw is still on, please please please PARTICIPATE NOW if you haven’t. And if you do win, you sure owe me a drink at Coffeebean 😉

Next up, is a GUCCI bag for the ladies!

Everyone’s jealous of the latest winner, Ms Koh May Ying who has won herself a PRADA bag from the MFP Luxury Giveaway. So that makes it 2 bags down but with 5 more to go who knows, you might just be the one to get your hands on that GUCCI.

The GUCCI draw is scheduled this coming Monday, 31st October 2011. And that happens to be HALLOWEEN!! So are you in for a treat? If yes, then get your sexy ass down to the MFP Luxury Giveaway Page and start posting in the MFP FORUM to increase your draw chances.

I currently do not own any GUCCI bag but if I were the winner, I would most probably get a document bag for work to stuff all my files in.

Something like this…

So ladies, let the countdown begin… Sign up now by clicking on the pink button below if you have not registered for a chance to win :)

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