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If there had to be an award for top gossiper, I would have bagged it or at least be on the list of nominees.

And when it comes to crazy news around the world from weird stuff happening in whichever neighbor or who your favorite celebrity is seeing. My Fat Pocket & Rocket News 24 has got you covered. Go ahead and leech on their gossip database, I won’t tell.

To bring you the latest juicy updates, MyFatPocket has partnered with RocketNews24, a Japanese-language news blog from Tokyo. Since their humble launch in 2008, they’ve built a massive fan base by reporting the interesting, strange and random, much of it brought over from the English-speaking world.

Two years later, they launched their English site to bring Asia’s own brand of strange to the English-speaking world. Most of the articles offered are translated right from the Japanese site, providing you unique stories and trivial information about Japan, by Japan.

Check out these 5 articles on MFP’s GOSSIP section which you MUST read!

Japanese Model Underwent 30 Cosmetic Procedures to Look Like a French Doll

Creative Japanese Turn Water Cooler into Urine Dispenser…

Fake Knee-High Stockings Enrage Men of the Internet

Angelina Jolie Reveals Breast Removal Surgery

Seoul’s Stunning Sky-High Urinals

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