An Introductory to Zymogen from Korea

This is way overdue but I’ve been too busy to open up my parcels and blog. So please forgive me. I’m still juggling work, baby, Mocha and blogging right now.

Anyway, let’s check out this range of skincare I was given to try out from Zymogen, all the way from Korea. ūüėČ


So what is Zymogen all about?

It’s a range of skincare that is close to nature, containing very special ingredients which are fermented.¬†‚ÄėFermentation and Enzyme Cosmetics‚Äô; in other words, components of¬†Zymogen products are Clean, Highly Active for improving your skin. Bringing anti-aging & whitening effect, and Cosmeceutical which means that it would treat pimples, acne scars and blemishes.

Here’s the top 3 best-selling ranges available:

Zymogen¬†Active Source-Ferment Houttuynia Cordata Extract¬†‚ÄstFermented houttuyunia extract reduce sebum and minimize the wide pores to regenerate clean skin through trouble care (Also treat pimple and blemishes)

Zymogen¬†NutriActive Centella Ferment Essence¬†‚ÄstFermented Centella Asiatica extracts act on skin to regenerate the damaged skin and remove the trouble spots

Zymogen¬†Green Apple AHA10 Essence¬†‚ÄstNatural AHA is from apple blossoms which care for skin turn-over for darkness skin to bright and clean, also skin exfoliation for renewed complexion.

I was given the Zymogen Active Source-Ferment Houttuynia Cordata Extract range. And I will be putting it to test this coming 2-4 weeks. So stay tune for my review.

Meanwhile, if you are keen to know about this brand and the products available. You may head down to their official Zymogen website for a peek. Zymogen products are now available in Singapore via Please LIKE their Facebook Page for the latest beauty updates and tips.

Remember to look out for my review blog post once its up :)

My latest online addiction – Gmarket

No, it’s not a game or forum nor is it a blogshop but it’s an online shopping platform.¬†So Christmas is barely a week away while Chinese New Year is around a month and a week plus away. If you don’t know where to do your shopping, why not do it online? Let me share with you my latest obsession.

I’ve been spending every single day logged onto Gmarket. It’s like this infectious bug that just won’t go away. And since it’s the festive season, I’m constantly reminded through their daily newsletter of the promotions they’re having. All these just make it even harder to tear myself away from the computer screen.

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Lovelyspree makes uncalled for remark when I requested for refund

As if nursing a headache and cramps isn’t enough, I’m taunted by established online seller – LOVELYSPREE (A local seller and not a KOREAN one). And all just because I cancelled my purchase on Gmarket. Why did I cancel my purchase? Initially, it’s stated on the sales page that my item would be shipped out 5 days after payment. I paid on the 5th so 5 days would be 10th Dec, I even got to pick 10th Dec as my preferred mailing date through a form in Gmarket. 5 days <– this is simple maths, isn’t it?

The quantity shows what’s available and since its NOT STATED anywhere on their Gmarket page about back orders. How am I suppose to know my item which I’m expecting to be mailed out on 10th Dec to be a back order item?

So how did I find out? Only after I asked…

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