Check Out My iHerb Loot! (Discount Code Inside!)

And so I’ve jumped on the iHerb bandwagon! It was a wise decision because the transaction was quick and hassle-free. Shopping at iHerb is so much more convenient than shopping at and having to ship the items via a third party forwarder like Vpost or Comgateway. iHerb sends the orders via international post with a tracking number, but you could also upgrade to DHL or UPS if you need your supplements urgently.


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Happy Birthday Zalora!

As you all should have known, ZALORA celebrated their very first birthday on February 28th!  I know I’m kinda late but hey, better late then never right?

And in conjunction with their birthday celebration and appreciation of  their customers for 365 days of fabulous shopping experiences with ZALORA, they are giving away birthday prezzies! Wooohoo!

With every SGD50 and above spent on, shoppers will receive a Golden Ticket with their delivery. You can then redeem your prizes by keying in a unique 10-digit Golden Ticket Code at to stand a chance to win over $20,000 worth of prizes.


Fantasic prizes such as gift cards up to SGD1,000, limited edition Havaianas Tote Bags, ZALORA limited edition collateral etc awaits you! So what are you waiting for? :)

Another reason for you to love Fridays! Woo Hoo!

Did you know that MyFatPocket give away free stuff every Friday?


FRIDAY FREEBIES is a weekly giveaway bonus for our readers, that runs for two weeks.

MyFatPocket has given away…

A full-size Skincode Exclusive Cellular Cream worth $130

$1,000+ Face&Body Treatment set!

Stylish Haircut & Hair Dye at Komachi worth $250

Hello Kitty Charm!

M.A.C Strobe Cream Hydratent Lumineux

Dior Sunscreen

Another reason for you to love Fridays!!! Good luck, gals!

10 Awesome Reasons why you should be’s Member

10 Awesome Reasons why you should‘s Member

We love you like our own. That is why we speak to you with respect, honesty and love. Everything that we share on our website everyday is from the heart because you are always in our mind. You come first.

Pink is the marriage of red and white, just like the balance in yin and yang. While we give you the hottest latest trends and news on beauty and fashion, we also whip up a palette of entertainment news for your bite-size gossip sessions with your girlfriends. And of course those real life experiences that we tackle in sex and love issues because every girl has their own set of insecurities, inhibitions. We know that because we ask the same questions too. .

You need some spice to neutralize that Monday blues. You want some kink and inspiration to survive a mid-week. Make new friends. Improve your sex life. Get that promotion at work. We have them all here.

All your friends are in it and you are not. Sad, ain’t it? They talk about us and you feel left out. If you hate awkward silence within your head as they rave about our left-wing content and awesome giveaways, you should join in the fun. .

Don’t drown in the crowd. If someone is walking down the alley of normalcy, sashay down the runway of glamour and luxury. Embrace your individualism. Let your unique personality and aura rub off others. Because you are what you read.

We have bloggers, forum discussions, latest fashion and beauty trends and information, articles on lifestyle, sex and love, local and global entertainment gossips, weekly Friday Freebies and very so often luxury giveaways. We even make jest of the fashion disasters on the streets of Singapore. What else do you want, girls?

We guarantee that whenever you close the browser, you will miss us. Each time you visit us, you will leave with a valuable piece of information. Knowledge is power and brains beat brawn any time of the day.

We bring the world to you without the confusing travel itinerary, costly flight fares and exorbitant hotel accommodations. We bring the world to you, ‘nuff said, at no cost.

That is what a real woman is about. Looking good is not about merely looking good. Feeling good is primary. What is secondary are those cosmetics and makeup brushes on your dressing table. But we combine both, just for you. After all, a real woman should be beautiful – inside and out.

They say if you love someone, you gotta show it. So join us to find out about the last reason 😉

FREE Beauty Samples to redeem at MFP!

Have you checked out the freebies you could redeem in MFP? For every forum posting, referral etc, you earn points which can be accumulated and used to redeem these lovely products found here. In fact, by just simply registering and completing your profile in MFP forum, you can get yourself 25 points to start with. So what are you waiting for?

Check out new beauty products over at the redemption corner with brand names such as Palmer’s, Bio-essence and Organix.

Some items I would love to redeem and try would be these Palmers products. I’m currently using their cocoa butter to hopefully prevent any stretch marks during my pregnancy. It would be interesting to try out something else from this brand such as the Palmers Skin Success Fade Cream.

This product is formulated with the most advanced skin care ingredients to give you a more radiant, balanced complexion. The skin lightening formula is clinically proven to remove dark spots, freckles, and other skin discolorations.

Sounds good, eh? You just need 150 points to redeem this.
Do also watch out for more items in the next few weeks, including stuff like Ginvera BB cream, V-face shaper gel, Tanaka White lotions!!!

[Giveaway] Etude House giving away Dear My Blooming Lipstalk Lippies!

Hey girlies, how’s monday? Don’t be so gloomy if you’re suffering from the blues as I’ve got something to share.

Etude House now has its own Global Facebook Page, just head down to Etude House Global FB now! LIKE it & join their little giveaway there.

Giveaway Link CLICK HERE! Today is the last day so good luck!

What do you wanna see in giveaways?

Friday Freebies is a special giveaway by My Fat Pocket. Every Friday MFP will give away one beauty or fashion product, give away bags, cosmetics, skincare, occasionally tickets. There have been brands such a lancome, chanel, shiseido, Bodyshop and Estee Lauder, just to name a few.

Right now, MFP is open to all suggestions on what they can give away each Friday. You have a generous budget of S$200 to play around with and the best part is you get to pick what you want to win.

Here’s my list of suggestions:

#1 – Giftcards

Giftcards are boring but I’m a practical person and I like to be able to buy what I need when I require it. Giftcards to fashion stores such as Topshop, Forever21, H&M etc would be great!

#2 – Fragrance

I would love anything sweet, floral or fruity from MBMJ, DKNY, Burberry or Anna Sui.

#3 – Makeup Palettes

Special or limited edition palettes that are too pricey and too pretty to be used. I’m sure everyone wants to collect these gorgeous palettes.

Now, hop on to the Feedback Page to share your thoughts and also check in to the MFP Forum regularly to see what freebies they have up for grabs!

Glamabox for the beautyholics!

This was meant to be a Xmas goodie for me but Singpost was jammed packed so I had only gotten it now. Beautyholics, you would be excited to learn about Glamabox, an online subscription shopping service that is now available in Singapore!

Founded by Lisa S; a fashion model who travels extensively, you can now receive a personalized box of beauty products to try out monthly for just a fee of S$18.00. Each box will contain 4-5 generous-sized samples of the latest products in Beauty, Cosmetics, Skincare to vouchers for Salon and Spa treatments such as facials and massages. Products are customised to subscribers’ personal beauty and styling requirements based on the questionnaire filled at point of registration. Most participating brands are high-end and luxury. Some featured brands include Suisse Programme, Clinique, Shiseido, Dermalogica, Benefit Cosmetics, and Perfective Ceuticals.

Here’s a peek at my box:

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Wants more presents? Redeem a full sized freebie at MFP!

Still want more presents? Well, let MyFatPocket play Santa Claus and redeem a FUWARIE hairstyling product or two from MyFatPocket Redemptions! And these are full-sized products I’m kidding you not. Have you even visited the MyFatPocket Redemption Page yet?

If you find that your hair requires some hairstyling so it doesn’t look like a lion’s mane.

Then check out the retail-sized products from FUWARIE available for redemption at the MyFatPocket Redemption Page.

Or perhaps you are undecided and would like to try out the other stuff they have to offer. There are SAMPLES available for you to redeem too.

Just scroll down past the FUWARIE items and you will see items such as facial sheet masks and shampoos going for a small amount of SAMPLE POINTS.

If you do recall, previously they the points were LUXURY POINTS for the LUXURY GIVEAWAY but now that it’s over. All these points are converted back into SAMPLE POINTS, so those of you (including me) who were not so fortunate to have won a branded bag. Cheer up, there’s stuff for you to redeem now with the high amount of points I bet you all have.

If you are new, then here’s how you go about. Signing up would give you 25 SAMPLE POINTS to begin with.

I’ve got around 900 over points which makes it possible for me to redeem some FUWARIE items or I could save it for the next round. Do note that Self-collection is FOC but you got to pay for postage if you want it mailed to you directly. There’s a choice of normal or registered postage.

Please check out the MyFatPocket Redemption Page!

Full sized FREEBIES from My Fat Pocket! Grab yours now!

Where can you get freebies monthly? And I’m talking about full sized beauty items, not just sample or travel-sized products which some communities give away. It’s all happening here at My Fat Pocket! Yes, if you are not a member yet…. Please please please go sign up for an account now.

Just go to this link here:

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