Etude House Dreaming Swan Collection


I am so in love with the Etude House’s Ballerina themed collection, the result of a wonderful collaboration with international high fashion illustrator Kerrie Hess.


Featuring the all-time favorite Precious Mineral Any Cushion which is probably the BEST cushion foundation by Etude House. I can’t stop gushing about how great the the coverage is, that natural glow it gives out and how it keeps the skin feeling hydrated despite long hours of wear. Seriously, I could go on and go. This is definitely my MUST HAVE and HOLY GRAIL cushion compact foundation. Continue reading

Etude House Precious Minerals Moist Any Cushion & Other Goodies

I’m a huge fan of the Etude House Precious Minerals Any Cushion because it gives me the coverage I need without any heaviness while giving me a dewy and natural look. So imagine my delight at the launch of the new Precious Minerals Moist Any Cushion with moisture being its key property to keep face hydrated all the time even in extreme dry weather.


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[Review] Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation

Just the other day when I met up with a friend, I found her scrutinizing my face before commenting on how smooth it looks. I was surprised because it also happened that I was wearing the Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation for the first time. We had met up 2 days ago but she didn’t make a single comment on my complexion then so I’m guessing that the Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation had a part to play in my flawless makeup look.


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[Review] Mary Kay® CC Cream Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15

IMG_20140323_224635 (1)

I’m a big fan of the liquid foundation by Mary Kay so imagine my excitement when I was introduced to the Mary Kay’s CC Cream Sunscreen SPF 15.


The Mary Kay® CC Cream Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15 delivers eight benefits in one step: protects, brightens, corrects, minimizes redness, conceals, hydrates, reduces visible signs of aging, and defends. These are the 2 shades which I got to test…  Continue reading

[Review] Etude House Almighty Foundation Precious Minerals Any Cushion SPF 50++/PA +++

First, it was the BB creams, then we had the CC creams and now, one of the latest Korean cosmetic fads are BB creams in a cushion compact. Innovative, much? So what results would I achieve from this BB cushion compact? Would it be much better than the usual BB cream in a tube? Read on to find out…

Collage 2013-10-05 12_40_35_resized

The shade I tried on is Honey Beige W24. It may look sticky on the cushion sponge but upon application, it turns matt pretty quick. I was also delighted by the coverage it provided. As you can see from the below comparison photo, it managed to conceal most of my blemishes rather well. It did a good job with my dark eye circles for a BB cream.

2013-10-05 12.44.03_resizedThe texture is light and application with the sponge provided is a breeze. No need to worry about foundation stains on your clothing because you do not need to use your bare fingers.

20131005_091914_resizedIt’s compact sized casing fits well in my palm, I could just bring it out for a quick touch-ups in a small purse. Another plus point, I guess 😉

2013-10-05 12.59.09_resized

The Almighty Foundation boasts of 6 multi-functions: Suncreen, Sebum Control Powder, Moisture Essence, Whitening Essence, Cooling and Foundation.

Loving the light, natural sheen it gives off like that of a CC cream. If you have just ran out of BB or CC cream, maybe you would like to stop by an Etude House store to check this out.

[Review] Elisha Coy Always Nuddy CC Cream

I’m back with yet another product from WISH TREND to share with you. If you love korean beauty products then you must check out this website! WISH TREND is a Korean website which focuses on all stuff beauty, fashionable & entertaining.

photo (3)

I’d received my ELISHA COY ALWAYS NUDDY CC CREAM and was eager to test it.

photo 1 (1)

A little intro about this product first…

Always Nuddy CC Cream blends into your skin layer as its capsule unravels. 
Colour encapsulated spheres brings about natural skin tone colour. As the colour capsule inside of the white hydrated base bursts, natural blemish effect can be expected.
Hydrated skin with 20 skin moisture ingredients, even skin tone by great persistency and adherence. As layered over, glowing and hydrated skin tone can be accomplished.

If you are wondering how to get that GLOW and RADIANCE which Kpop stars always spot. Then this is the secret to their beautiful makeup!


I’m very new to this whole concept and this is my first CC Cream. I was surprised that it didn’t come in a skin tone shade. I know some other CC Creams do… Anyway, the Nuddy CC Cream is to be used together with a BB Cream for optimal results.

As shown by this Korean blogger, you can see how there is coverage from the BB cream and then radiance due to the CC cream base that was applied first.

I tried to do some shots like the one above but my cam was too lousy to capture the difference. And hence, I can only do a demo on my inner wrist. The texture of the CC Cream is surprisingly light, kind of like a mousse.


As you can see from my above photo, after applying and spreading the CC Cream evenly. The skin has a pearlish glow to it, I guess this is what they meant by “Colour encapsulated spheres brings about natural skin tone colour” 

However, when used alone, it doesn’t provide much coverage. That’s when you need to add on the BB Cream. Then voila! You get perfect complexion that’s flawless and radiant.

 If you are thinking of buying this CC Cream or just any other product off their site.

Here’s a voucher code for you! 


 ( 3 USD voucher / Able to combinate with other voucher)
Expiry date:  the end of 2013
Minimum Amount to Use: over 20 USD order

For you Singaporean fans, you can grab their stuff off Qoo10sg. So check out the WISHTREND MINI SHOP on Qoo10 here. Do also LIKE their Facebook Page.

[Review] – Etude House Pink Box Precious Mineral BBdation

Have you heard of the new revolutionary BB cream applicator? Presenting the Real Hand Touch by Etude House for applying the Precious Minerals BBdation. Now you too can achieve flawless skin like the Korean celebrities with this automated makeup artist touch tool.

I must say, this is one handy intelligent must have tool in your makeup pouch. It runs on 2 AAA batteries and vibrates so that the sponge dabs the BBdation all over like a makeup artist’s skillful hands.

The sponge applicator can be easily replaced with a new one once it’s worn out.

So how do we go about using this amazing makeup tool? It’s really very simple. Just dab the Precious Mineral BBdation on areas of the face like your forehead, cheeks and chin with your fingers.

(I have eye makeup on and concealer on my under eyes though I know my eye bags are still very obvious, try looking after a newborn…. I apologize for the blurry photo, blame it on shaky hands.)

Next, dispense some Precious Mineral BBdation onto the sponge head and then turn on the Real Hand Touch applicator to activate the vibration motion as you apply it all over your face.

I was pretty pleased with the Precious Mineral BBdation as the texture was light and with the Real Hand Touch applicator, it was evenly applied all over my face. After that, just dust some loose powder lightly all over once you are done. The BBdation seems to blend in well with my skin tone despite my initial worries that it might be too light for my tanned skin color.

Now to complete the look, I had applied Dear My Blooming Cheek blusher in PK001 and Dear Darling Tint in 01. You can check out my previous blog entries on these 2 products.

The Precious Mineral Bbdation as the name suggests, is a combination of the moist texture of the BB cream with the excellent coverage of foundation for translucent, mineral makeup. It contains Aloe Vera extract & Coconut oil which provides for antioxidant moisture care. Pearl powder gives you a non-clogging finish as the powder coverage melts and is absorbed into the skin for that flawless look.

I just realized that I’d forgotten to line my brows but do pardon me, I was rushing this review out while my dear baby was asleep and he wakes up for hourly feeds. So do just bear with me… 😉


A day as a Beauty Scene Investigator (B.S.I)

Last week, I had received an unexpected call. Something gruesome had happened! It appears that several beauty products were reported dead and the crime scene was a mess in Beauty County. So the special agents from Shiseido invited me over to check things out.

So first, the other BSIs and I had a briefing by Secret Agent, Samantha, on the happenings.



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Shills Liquid Foundation – DO NOT BUY! Waste of money!

I grabbed this by mistake as I was blindly searching for a BB cream.
Actually, I was supposed to get a makeup primer.
I don’t even know why I was shopping at the Shills BB cream section for that.

Anyway, I had unwittingly presumed that they were all BB creams.
Alas, bad luck was upon me, I had to grab the only liquid foundation there.
My naggy other half was hurrying me and I knew I wouldn’t be coming down here again.

So yes, it was a lesson that cost me S$14.90.
And thankfully, it was on sale! Else it would have cost me $29.90.
I could have gotten The Body Shop’s new makeup base with that amount of money.

Firstly, unlike normal liquid foundations, this one was way too watery.
I left it to stand overnight and half of the bottle had this translucent liquid while the bottom half was beige in color.
I think the solvent was WAY too much.
Hence, the liquid comes out really runny.

And the packaging is nice to look at but totally useless.
It comes with a spray nozzle that squirts out the foundation not only on your targeted area but everywhere as well.
It was a messy affair with this foundation.

On the main reseller, Beauty Bistro’s website, I’ve gathered that it’s useful in concealing fine lines. I think it’s useful for nothing.
It was not doing its job of a basic foundation, much less could it do anything else.

I threw it out as the mere sight of the bottle on my dresser only made my blood boil.
And did I mention that it stinks too??


HER WORLD Glass House Event : ZA Makeovers

In celebration of Her World’s 50TH anniversary, they will be holding a bunch of activities at an uber cool glass house; that is mobile!
Because it’s mobile; the Her World Glass House team will be travelling island-wide & setting up this glass house with goodies for all!
Be treated to exclusive Her World Merchandise, promotions and free coffee.

One of the highlights would be the Natural silky perfect skin with ZA makeover!

Transform skin into natural silky perfection with Za makeover at $15 per person, fully redeemable for products. (Grab the new foundation! I’ve blogged about it HERE OR the pore smoother! Check out my review HERE)

Be the first 50 to sign up for this makeover and receive an exclusive
three-piece travel kit worth $15! Learn from the experts on how to achieve spring’s latest looks.

Find out how to look fabulously perfect with makeup application techniques
and tips from Za beauty school professionals in an interactive session @ $18* per person, fully redeemable.

* Fully redeemable for ZA products.
Appointments through 6739-8671. on a first-come-first-served basis.
Please refer to for session timings and more details.

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