Fry Pan Shokudo at Isetan Scotts Food Republic


Katsu lovers can look forward to a taste-bud-tickling meal with the introduction of an authentic Japanese eatery serving katsu-concepts at digestible price tags. Located within Japan Foods Garden, Fry Pan Shokudo (Fry Pan “canteen”) is the latest eatery to join the enclave of Japanese food options tucked away in a corner of Isetan Scotts Food Republic. Wholly-owned by La Ditta Limited and helmed by successful restauranteur Mr. Taka Daiya, the concept will reignite the thirst for katsu all over again.

Chicken Karaage Set Meal (Top View)_preview

Synonymous with its name, Fry Pan Shokudo serves Western-inspired traditional Japanese cutlets on a miniature black ceramic-coated frying pan. The menu features varying katsu-options, with a choice to pair a flaky panko-crusted chicken or pork cutlet, topped with your choice of sauces. Conceptualised by Mr. Taka Daiya who formerly ran a restaurant in Los Angeles frequented by professional tennis player Maria Sharapova, as well as guitarist and singer-songwriter Eric Clapton, the menu retains its authenticity as it would typically be served at canteens in Japan.
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Lou Hei @ Lokkee Restuarant


Thinking back, it was all due to a really silly mistake of mine that we ended up at Lokkee for our Lou Hei dinner. Firstly, the gang did not plan to dine at Lokkee, heck, the majority of us did not even knew its existence. The choice venue for the gathering was Lao Beijing (which also happens to be part of the Tung Lok group; just like Lokkee). So I offered to go get a table since I was the first to reach Plaza Singapura. The moment I reached the 3rd level, I entered the first chinese restaurant I saw without even looking at the sign. That was how we ended up with a table in Lokkee. I had only realised that I was in the wrong place when I looked down at the menu and to my horror, it was Lokkee instead of Lao Beijing. Too embarrassed to admit my mistake and make an exit, I forced my friends to come into Lokkee instead. Well, on the bright side, we got to try out a new place as a group.


Taken from the Tung Lok website… “Lokkee is inspired by Chinese take-out food often found in Chinatowns across cosmopolitan cities like New York, London and Sydney but elevates it through the use of premium ingredients and clean flavours. Lokkee’s menu is based on the cuisine of Chinese immigrants who have built on traditional Chinese cooking and interpreted it for diners in their adopted homes. Diners can look forward to sample well executed dishes that are synonymous to this urban culinary phenomenon such as Chow Mein, Mongolian Beef and Orange Chicken.”

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Look What’s Cooking


Recently, it seems like I’ve become quite the domesticated goddess. It all started with a pot of beef stew gone wrong when I somehow managed to burn the carrots. I blame it on the pot though. Anyway, the good thing that blossomed out of this mess was that I started trying my hand at more dishes.

In the past, cooking was the last thing on my mind. And if I did cook, it would usually be an omelette or pasta, because pasta is really easy to whip up. But other dishes needed more

I was craving for hot plate tofu and decided to try making it myself. I found recipes online, mostly from a local blogger NoobCook. The recipes on the site were really easy and simple to follow. There were times when I didn’t have all the ingredients and I just made do with what I had. Sometimes, I would leave out stuff which I didn’t like either. Continue reading

[New Cafe Alert!] Dazzling Cafe Coming To Singapore In April

Cafe-hoppers rejoice because Dazzling Café, the famous chain of cafes from Taiwan, renowned for its honey toast, will be coming to Singapore in April 2015. The first flagship store will be located at the newly renovated Capitol Piazza, opposite Raffles City, along North Bridge Road.


Established by Taiwanese socialite Janet Yang in 2005, the Dazzling brand started out as a jewelry boutique called Dazzling Fashion. 5 years later, Janet launched the café arm of the business, taking Taiwan by storm and since then, Dazzling Café has been widely recognized for their Shibuya-style Honey Toast.

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Orchard Hotel’s Christmas Light-Up Party

We went invited to the Christmas Light-up Party at Orchard Hotel that’s conveniently located in the heart of the city. It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas now with all the Christmas decor and light ups at Orchard Road. And it was nice honor to be one of the first to witness the unveiling of their enchanting Snowy Christmas Glass House.


We were treated to a yummy gourmet dinner by La Terrasse, which is located at Level 2 of the hotel. La Terrasse serves international cuisine but the spread today were mostly Christmas-inspired. Just check out my photos, expect lots of hunger-inducing pictures… WARNING! FOOD PORN!  Continue reading

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[Food Review] Bangkok Jam at Jems

So it was my first time at Jems, that new shopping mall at Jurong East which is home to  shops that are normally found in the Orchard area only. You can find brand names like Sephora, H&M and Victoria’s Secret. They even have a Robinsons department stall there.


I know, I know… I don’t usually do food reviews but I thought I would just try something different this time. Anyway, it was also our first time dining at Bangkok Jam. The place had modern decor & the photos on the menu looked pretty tempting.

Here is what we had….


There’s also a seafood glass noodle salad that was devoured before I could take a photo.  Sadly, that was the only dish worth eating. We had each ordered a recommended main course, these items had the word ‘yummy’ beside its listing in the menu.

I had the fried olive rice, it was decent but nothing fantastic. In fact, the fried rice from the from the  Zi Char stall opposite my house would had probably taste better and it is definitely more pocket-friendly.

Hubs had the beef noodle, we weren’t even expecting it to match the authentic taste of those you get in Thailand. But this was bordering mediocre. The soup was lacking in flavor and the noodles tasted kinda weird. I reckon that it wasn’t fully cooked.


My mom had the yellow curry chicken with rice, we were honestly surprised at how tiny the portion was. The curry had too much coconut flavouring and chicken skin. Yes, chicken skin -.- This dish’s only saving grace was probably its presentation.

It seems like I probably could get better food over at Thai Express. So yeah, we left disappointed and most likely would not return. I’m wondering if this was because it was a weekend and they had many dishes to rush out. Then again, that wasn’t a good excuse for serving substandard food. We spent around S$70+ for 3 pax.

Ready to be surprised at 313?

So I was invited to tour around 313 @ Somerset to check out their stores and latest promotions. This was my first time attending such a blog event and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

First and foremost, let me share the latest promotions. Shoppers are definitely in for a treat and pleasant shopping experience at 313 this GSS!


Mega Surprise Machine as shown above is a towering 3m-tall mechanism that remotely represents a huge gum ball machine. To try it, you must be the first 100 every day to pick up a game ticket, which are distributed with a minimum spending of S$80. I got to try it out and won a S$10 Etude House voucher! Woohoo!


If you have not spent any money yet, don’t worry, there’s a game for you to participate in too. Yes, you can win without any minimum spending. Located at the 313 L1 Atrium, you just simply have to hoop onto fasion apparel which adds up to the requested price amount. If you get the amount right (+/- S$20), you will walk away with retailer vouchers from F21, Marche, Esprit & more!

From now till 28th July, you can also try your luck with the 313@Somerset Gacha-Surprise Facebook App! LIKE the 313 Facebook Page so that you can start playing. Players stand to win vouchers from Paradise Inn, Forever21, Esprit, Chomel, Kenny Rogers & more! When you invite 3 friends or more to play, you will receive a token for an extra turn!

We got to tour the shopping mall and OMG, it has been such a long time since I stepped into 313. There have been changes, like some stores which I used to patronized have closed down :( to make way for new stores :)

Now, I’m gonna share with you the stores to watch out for…


Smoothie King located at L1 at the corner of 313, you can see this shop the moment you step off the escalator from the MRT station. There used to be Japanese food stalls in this area. Anyway, if you are a smoothie lover then you are in for a sweet treat because their smoothies are to die for. Really yummy drinks… You can expect nutritional fresh-blended smoothies and other healthy products such as energy bars and snacks from this store.

If you are foodie then 313 is the place to go, check out the food places available at B2 & B3 of the mall and you would be pleasantly surprised.


Clockwise from left to right : Popeyes (B2), Yayoiken, Sushi Express (both located at B3). I think Yayoiken (B3-33/34) is a place to check out, they serve affordable set meals priced at S$9.90 to S$19.90. You get a free flow of authentic japanese rice when dining here. And best of all? The food is delicious. Yes, so what more can one ask for?

If you are seeking for affordable sushi, then check out Sushi Express where everything from Salmon Sashimi to Sea Urchin GanKan is reasonably priced at S$1.50++ only! Seriously, where else can you find such good deals?!?


Now, if you are looking for a place to have dinner and just chill with your pals. Check out the Fish & Co outlet at B3. They have just revamped their menus so get ready to be spoilt for choices. That delectable platter you see in the above photo is one of their latest offering. The lobster was just heavenly… you should really go try it.


image_1This is the all-new drinks menu too. I think Orange Rainbow and Candy Crush looks good. Didn’t get to try it that day but I probably would the next time I head down to Fish & Co.


Also located at B3 is the Mochi Sweets. These pretty-looking, irresistible treats not only make great desserts but gifts as well. So what is that? Mochi is a traditional Japanese rice cake made of glutinous flour pounded into paste and moulded into shape. Mochi Sweets introduces for the 1st time in Malaysia and Singapore its 12 flavors fully imported chilled mochi. The mochi is sold individually or in set gift boxes of 6 or 12 pieces.


And after you are done with all that eating, why not take a stroll and do some shopping. Check out Victoria’s Secrets Beauty & Accessories at level 1. I love this shop because it has my favourite VS undies! And there’s lots more too like VS bags, beauty products etc. I simply adore the perfume packaging. It has this 50s retro vintage glam feel to it.


This was the loot I got from my shopping trip there and 3 lucky readers of mine got to win these goodies.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

It’s barely a month since the Christmas holidays and now it’s almost Chinese New Year already. I’m overwhelmed by the number of festive holidays though I am not complaining all thanks to the long weekend which I am sure most of us are looking forward to.

So what is Chinese New Year for you? For me, it’s getting bombarded with questions like ‘When are you going to have children?’ and what’s not. It’s no surprise why most youngsters (do I still have the privilegde of calling myself one =x) shun this particular festive holiday. Those who ain’t married are asked about marriage. Those who have just graduated are asked about their jobs or the lack of one. It seems like the nosey relatives have nothing much to talk about then to pester us with the neverending questions. So what witty answers have you prepared in anticipation of the irritating queries you will receive this CNY? I’ve yet to come up with my list.

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Love your greens, they can prevent cancer.

Honestly speaking, I’m not much of a fan of greens. Or greenish stuff for the matter except for perhaps the green pigs in the ever-popular game; Angry Birds.

But this article by Her World caught my eye while I was surfing Facebook. Because it featured my favourite green; the Broccoli. You see, though I’m no fan of vegetables but I do happen to have a favourite among my least favourites. And yes, it’s the BROCCOLI because they look like tiny trees…

They are crunchy, taste good stir-fried with oyster sauce and do not leave any gross, bitter after taste.
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