[Review] My Marie France Bodyline Slimming Experience


I have been stuffing myself so much over the festive period that I had developed a little extra pooch around my midsection. So no prizes for guessing, but one of my new year resolutions was to lose that flabby tummy. And this is where Marie France Bodyline comes into the picture, well known for their professional consultation services and individually tailored slimming programmes with the latest technologies, plus the fact that they are the reason behind Fann Wong’s fabulous figure now. I knew that I was in good hands.


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Vitamagra – Let’s Drink Up To Better Health & Beauty

As people get affluent and the quality of life improves, so does the number of health issues rises. Blame it on bad food choices such as an increase in red meat intake and alcohol, we are taking in more fats then we really should. And don’t even get me started on the way our food is being processed.

Lamb steak with a glass of red wine

Did you know that 80% of Singaporeans are taking in more sodium than the healthy limit. I’m as guilty as charged because I like a lot of salt or soya sauce in my food. Physical inactivity becomes a common problem as most are just too tired out from their hectic working schedules. Take me for example, I haven’t gone for a jog in years. Hence, it is no wonder that health issues such as heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, stroke etc are on the rise. And not forgetting obesity, known as the epidemic of the 21st century, which is also linked to several of these health risks.


Therefore, Vitamagra was formulated to combat these 21st century health issues after extensive research by Shiro-wa; a company that known for its high quality, effective and chemicals-free products. Vitamagra boasts of 36 essential vitamins and minerals scientifically-related to healthy skin, hair, improved brain and eye functions, increased resistance against diseases and reduced risks to 21st century diseases.


Apart from being a nutritional supplement, it is also a weight management and slimming drink which targets the abdominal areas such as the waist and hips. An area which most women find it difficult to slim down despite keeping to a strict diet and exercising regularly. But fret not, with Vitamagra you can increase your body’s metabolism and also reduce these hard-to-remove cellular and tissue water retention.

Vitamagra comes in  2 sizes; 500g & 225g with 5 different flavors to choose from. Select from either Original, Coffee, Chocolate, Strawberry or Matcha (green tea). My personal favorites include original, chocolate and matcha, all served cold.


 It’s really simple to prepare the Vitamagra. To use as a meal replacement, just add 1 cup (250ml) of water to 2 tablespoons of Vitamagra, or to drink as snack or supplement, simply add ½ cup (125ml) of water to 1 tablespoon.


Why not try it out today? You can purchase Vitamagra from the Shiro-Wa Online Shop. To enjoy 25% off, key in V025 upon checkout. Hurry! Promo valid till 12 Nov only.

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[Review] Bijinsenmon Slimming Leg Mask & Lotion

Yet another long, way over dued item to be reviewed. I have a huge stack of items to be tested and blogged about but I just simply do not have the time. Anyway, I found the press kit and thought I would try out the Leg slimming mask tonight.

image (27)

This is my first time using a mask on somewhere else other than my face. And it turned out to be quite a fun experience too.

The Bijinsenmon Leg Slimming Mask :

  • Covers 360 degrees of the thighs/ calves to promote effective burning of fats and lymphatic drainage in each respective area
  • Paper mask infused with serum allows easier absorption and penetration of the essence into the skin for fast acting results

image (28)

In each sealed sachet, you will find 2 paper mask sheets. You could apply the masks on either your calves or thighs. If you want to apply on both areas then you would need to open 2 packets so that you have 4 sheets in total. Since I was only given 1 pack to try, I decided to use them on my thighs.

image (29)

Included are 2 external sheets to wrap up over the masks so that you can relax on the bed or sofa and continue watching your TV. Really thoughtful of them to come up with this so that you won’t be stuck in the toilet for the whole 15 minutes which you are supposed to leave the mask on.

Once you are done, simply remove the sheets and rinse off with cold water. To compliment the mask treatment, you could apply the slimming lotion.

image (30)

It is recommended to be used twice daily and apply in an upward sweeping movement from the lower legs all the way up to the thighs. And to optimize results, you should use the Leg Slimming Masks twice a week.

I did not expect the lotion to have a warm, burning sensation so I was glad that I didn’t happen to absentmindedly rub my eyes after applying. It’s past 15 minutes and the warm sensation is still enveloping my thighs, it feels kind of comfortable and makes me imagine my fats melting down. Haha…

Anyway, you can check out these Bijinsenmon products at SASA, Watsons and Guardian. I saw that they have a Belly Slimming Mask too which I am tempted to try out.

My Postnatal Jamu Massage

More & more modern chinese women are taking up postnatal massages to slim down the tummy as well as detoxify the body and encourage a speedy afterbirth recovery. I was concerned about losing the extra tummy flabs and getting my uterus to shrink so I did some online research for jamu massages.

There’s quite a number of companies specializing in such postnatal jamu massages in the comfort of your own home. In addition, there are also many freelancers out there offering their services too. However, due to my paranoia nature, I decided to engage the services of a company instead of a freelancer. As I was afraid of a freelancer running away with my deposit and never to be seen again.

And of all websites online that offered such jamu massage services, I found Origins Jamu Massage the most user-friendly. They had all the prices stated upfront and deposit could be made online instantly via credit card or Paypal. You don’t know how elated I am to find a local company that allows Paypal payment. It’s such a convenient payment tool, every e-comm website or seller online should utilize it.

So I had my 3rd session already and will continue for another four sessions before I am done. I could see that my tummy has gone down quite abit but then again, I didn’t really have much of a tummy. I noticed that it deflated on its own by the 10th day. However I was informed that I could see more significant results after the 5th session, which I can’t wait and I will update the results here!

After the massage, my tummy would be wrapped in a binder with jamu and ginger paste. I’m supposed to keep this on for at least 6 hours for best effects.

It can get spicy and slightly uncomfortable but that’s the price to pay for beauty.

I’d gained a total of 12kg during my pregnancy and have shed 8 kg so far. I’m just a mere 4kg away from my pre-pregnancy weight and I can’t wait to achieve that.

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