Christmas Shopping


December is one of the months where most of us folks tend to spend a lot and I am no exception. Maybe it is due to the holiday season where everyone is a in festive mood. Not to forget the temptation of all the year end sales with irresistible bargains. And it is difficult not to get tempted when you have been scrimping and saving up the whole year. This seems like the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself a little, only to realise that you can’t stop the moment you begun.


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Happy Lunar New Year 2015 – OOTD

Dear readers, it is the Chinese lunar new year and I would like to wish you all a blessed & prosperous happy new year, filled with lots of love, happiness and joy. Also, good health to one and all, after all, health is wealth.



Here’s how my CNY 1st day went…

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RISIS Love Meets Love Bracelet In 3 Fun Styles

In celebration of love, RISIS revives nostalgia with its Love Meets Love jewelry collection. One can select from a variety of statement pieces featuring the red Saga seed, a well-known classic symbol of everlasting love, and a Rose Quartz love stone. Show your love and appreciation with this beautiful gold-plated jewelry collection this Valentine’s Day.


Browse the entire collection and even make a purchase from the Love Meets Love via RISIS’s online shop. So guess which piece spoke out to me… Yes, it is none other than the bracelet; the only one in this collection. Don’t you agree that it would make a great Valentine’s day gift for your loved one?

2015-01-07 12.16.55

In this blog post, I will be showing you 3 fun looks which you can pair this lovely bracelet. It is so versatile, that it looks good in every style. I love how simple and minimalist it is as compared to the cluttered and chunky charm bracelets which everyone is wearing. Talk about mainstream.

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Crazy Stuff Which Celebrities Do For Beauty

Sometimes, it seems as though celebrities are super mortals that happen to have all the superior genes because they look so good (almost) all the time. However, a lot of effort goes into keeping that image.


Wanna know what crazy stuff these celebrities do just to look the way they do?

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Sporty Chic Fashion: How To Get It Right

I have never been a sporty person but who says you need to be one to dress the part? Sporty chic culture is not something new in the fashion scene, especially not to famous celebrity fashionistas such as Rihanna, Rita Ora & Cara Delevingne.


Sporty chic has also gained popularity in the land of Kimchi where Kpop celebrities add their own unique twists to this fashion style.


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I’m An Online Shopping Addict

Yes, I’m as guilty as charged. Ever since I accidentally stumbled onto online shopping 12 years back (Oh no, I sound so old now). I’ve been buying practically almost everything online. From household groceries to baby supplies and even dog food, I get it all online. So naturally when it comes to my clothes, shoes and accessories, you bet that they are mostly bought online too.


I love how technology has brought the fashion world closer to us, we no longer need to set foot out of the house to purchase another dress. Just go online, click and check out. It is that simple. In fact, with the Internet, you could just check out the latest trends and what’s Princess Kate is wearing so that you can buy that same dress and hopefully cart out before it is sold out.


Even high fashion brands such as Burberry have jumped on board the online store bandwagon. Fans of the famous plaid prints can now check out their latest offerings on their webstore and cart out if anything catches your fancy. Other brands such as Chanel, have gone all social media savvy too and though you can’t buy a 2.55 online, you could however watch their latest fashion shows there or browse through their online catalogs.


I’m real excited about what the fashion world is coming up with next. Do swing by My Fat Pocket‘s Fashion Portal for the latest Fashion news & updates!

[Fashion Report] Spring 2014 Sees The Return Of Tribal Trend

Spring/Summer 2014 saw fashion houses including Valentino & Givency showcasing collections that had hints of fringes, beads and lots of tribal ethnic prints. Thus, announcing the return of the global tribal chic style.

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My ‘Do’s & ‘Don’t’s List While Preparing For Your Big Vday Date

So Vday is coming up in 2 days and you have scored a hot date with the cutest guy. *Pumps fist in air*

This is a fun article I came up with on how to survive that date, just some Do and Don’ts.

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CNY Shopping Part II, The Hunt Continues…

I have been doing some online shopping of late, which is something rather rare because I’m usually shopping for Asher all the time. However, CNY is just around the corner, and I’m lacking casual outfits so what the heck. My wardrobe is full of work dresses but when it comes to casual stuff I only have tees, tanks and shorts. So I decided to get some casual dresses online.

Presenting my loot…

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Puur…. Meowfit of the day?

So Hello Kitty has a strong following of supporters but now the unseeming house cat (and yes, it has a mouth) has been gaining quite a number of fans too. So much so that we are seeing it inspired fashion trends.

So cat-inspired fashion may have been around for some time, well, on and off. However, of late, the feline trend has been taken to great heights, all thanks to Karl Lagerfeld who would be launching an accessories collection inspired by his famous feline Choupette next week, on 13th Nov to be exact. While Diane von Furstenberg has credited DJ Harley Viera Newton’s pampered kitty, Marmite, as the muse behind her latest capsule collection. I guess it is no surprise that this feline-inspired trend is here to stay, at least for awhile.

Here are some kitty outfits & accessories which I found to be interesting.


From gowns to casual skater dresses, we can see how cats have heavily influenced the fashion scene. The dress on the far right is from Topshop but I have spotted a similar one at H&M with only a few pieces left. I’d wanted to grab one but they ran out of my size.


Kitten Heels now have a while new meaning behind them. Don’t you find them adorable? My personal favorite would be the black polka dotted one with a red ribbon, there is just something about that bewildered kitty look that draws me. 46e49df9-834f-41cc-b5f0-1e16190ae6a1wallpaperAnd no glamour puss outfit is completed without cat-inspired accessories to match. I’m loving the lace cat ears hairband from ASOS. And those kitty leather pants are such a unique find.


So move aside Hello Kitty because you are too mainstream.

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