Fashion Week Highlights

MyFatPocket has a whole selection of articles covering the fashion week events, as you all should know, Feb to March is Fashion Week in these various cities:

New york fashion week [feb 6 to 13]

london fashion week [feb 14 to 18] 

milan fashion week [feb 18 to 23] 

paris fashion week [feb 25 to march 5] 

My fav of all would be this… [Milan Fashion Week F/W 2014] Moschino F/W 2014 Collection with McDonald’s, Budweiser and Spongebob Squarepants 

Tacky? Cheesy? Well, to some I guess, but to me this is something new, refreshing and cute! Though most of the outfits might be deemed more suitable as Halloween costumes. There are a few less over the top ones like this McDonalds inspired pull-over. I would so wear it out!

Check out other Fashion Week Highlights below:

[Paris Fashion Week F/W 2014] Samsung Film shows how Korean Designer Juun.J uses its Devices to Bridge the Gap between Fashion & Technology

[Milan Fashion Week F/W 2014] Designer Handbag Trends

[Milan Fashion Week F/W 2014] Prada Stages Grand Theatrical Presentation 

[New York Fashion Week F/W 2014] Stars at NYFW

[London Fashion Week F/W 2014] Rising Designer Min Wu Talks Chinese Tastes

[London Fashion Week F/W 2014] 5 Things to Know About Designer Julien Macdonald

[London Fashion Week F/W 2014] Cara Delevingne launches Mulberry handbag collection

[New York Fashion Week F/W 2014] New York Fashion Week Lineup Revealed

Fashion Week Coverage

MFP’s cover of the fashion week brings you the latest trend updates at the click of a button. Check these articles out…

Two Fashion Weeks Are Happening In Singapore This October (And We Love It)

London Fashion Week: The 10 Coolest Bags

Milan Fashion Week: Young Designers Energize The Fashion Shows


Paris Fashion Week: Topless Protestors Crash Nina Ricci Show

London Fashion Week: 10 Things We’ve Learned

Milan Fashion Week: Gucci’s Spring 2014 Bags Have Fringe Galore

FIDé Fashion Week: Porsche Design and Anne Fontaine Impressed With Their FW13 Collection

NY Fashion Week SS 2014: From The Runways Of NY Fashion Week Spring 2014

London Fashion Show: Anya Hindmarch and Stella McCartney Close with Showmanship

NY Fashion Week SS 2014: Carolina Herrera Launched Nightwear with Arielle Shapiro

Hello October!

I love October because the fun stuff always happens this month.

Like Halloween, Fashion Week, Oktoberfest and my boy’s birthday. Hee! Check out what MyFatPocket will be covering during this awesome month!


Fashionistas, watch out! Expect a visual orgy on FASHION WEEK from Seoul, London, Milan and even our very own Singapore’s Fide Fashion Week on the MFP site. You will be informed of the latest trends with this coverage of fashion weeks round the world.

Halloween is once again here. Expect lots of coverage on crazy, out of this world news from weird food and sex stuff to horror places which you might wanna check out if you have the guts.

Here’s to October, may it be awesome!

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