NewbornLASH Eye Lash and Brow Serum


I tend to inevitably pull out a lash or two whenever I remove my false eyelashes and these are something I am so accustomed to, I find myself feeling naked if I do not use them at all whenever I wear makeup. So this isn’t something good in the long run, my eyelid might just go bald someday.


Therefore, having a lash serum is really important. And what’s great about the newbornLASH serum is that it can be used on eyebrows too. This serum is ideal for folks with thinning lashes or anyone that wants to improve the appearance of their eyelashes naturally. It is also a safer way to restore fullness to thinning eyebrows instead of going for eyebrow embroidery and the sorts.

So instead of going for extensions that are prone to causing breakages on your lashes or using false eyelashes, why not try to grow them naturally with the help of this serum. I read a testimony on how one lady’s lashes grew so long till it was hitting her sunglasses. My lashes though no sparse but are short in nature and I hope that with continued usage of this product I can also achieve longer lashes too!


When used daily, you can see your lashes transform between 3 to 6 weeks. As you can see the volume of my lashes are still fine but the length is still short. So hopefully at the end of this product, I would have longer lashes and possibly even eliminate the need for using false lashes! Rest assured that this product is dermatologist and ophthalmologist safety tested. It is safe even for the most sensitive eyes and I can attest to that.

This wonderful product is brought to you by BeauLAB, please visit their website for more information. Do also LIKE the Facebook Page for latest updates.

[Review] Etude House Pink Bird Pink Box August – Dolly Eyes

When you talk about dolly eyes or a dolly look, the Japanese Gyaru look comes to mind. However, when it comes to how the Korean stars do up their makeup, I’m seeing a different trend. They have strong, thick brows and they always use black eyeliner! I’m not much of a fan of black but I am always open to experimenting new colors.

Check out Sandara Park & the Brown Eyed Girls’ eye makeup. Their makeup does open up and widens those pretty peepers.

I am still a klutz at makeup so I don’t think I can easily replicate their look but I’ll try. This month’s pink box was filled with lovely new products for Korea’s fall collection. Just check it out :

Everything you need to achieve those large, doll-like eyes.

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Get your Haraju-cute Japanese Beauty Fix at Guardian

Guardian Health & Beauty, the leading health & beauty chain in Singapore is proud to present Haraju-cute counters. If you have been to any Guardian outlets lately, you would have noticed rows of these decorated shelves stacked with numerous beauty products.

Currently, they carry 15  of these Japanese cult brands exclusively at these counters, namely Automatic Beauty (AB), Avance, Bandai – The Rose of Versailies, Body Fantasies, Bonavoce, Brigitte, Diamond Beauty, Dual, Egokawa Sweetie, Heat Jewel, Love & Peace, Loved Loved Nude, Orp Tokyo, Sguard and Zogan.

Looks familiar?

This is great news for all fans of Japanese makeup looks especially those who are into the Gyaru styles. Because alot of these beauty products cater to creating such dolly, girly looks.

So let’s check out some of these Japanese cosmetics that’s available.


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Check out my NovaLash Eyelash Extensions

You know how they say that the eyes are the windows of the soul. And I truly believe in this statement, hence, I’m always dolling up my eyes with false eyelashes, iris-enhancer contacts and eyeliner. I’m very used to wearing falsies daily and there is the hassle of having to apply and remove it. Also, because the fake lashes are applied on the lash line, it might inhibit the growth of my own natural lashes overtime. What’s more, much care must be taken when removing the lashes. As frequent tugging and pulling will result in wrinkles and saggy,droopy lids.

So having a lash extension was quite a saviour for me, though I did not have quite a good experience the previous time I tried it out. It was lash extensions done on the lashline which Jocelyn had recommended against.

Novalash lash extensions are adhered onto the lashes itself and not the lashline. It’s also safe for pregnant ladies and even kids because it does not contain formaldehyde. Which is a big deal for me since I’m expecting and have been avoiding chemical treatments even for my hair.

Just a little background info on the company offering this wonderful lash extension services:

LOLITAgroup is headed by Jocelyn, who has been certified by NovaLash since 2009 and appointed as a NovaLash trainer & distributor for Novalash in 2011. NovaLash produces award winning medical grade eyelash extension adhesive in USA FDA inspected facility, rendering it to be one of the healthiest professional eyelash extension system.

At LolitaGroup, they use both Novalash SENSITIVE adhesive and Novalash Platinium Bond adhesive, to cater for theirvarious client’s need. All their client’s eyelashes are meticulously applied one strand at a time basing on NovaLash technique. The process is painless and your natural lash will not suffer premature drop, and the result is natural and longlasting.

 So you can see I was rest assured that I was in good hands. According to Jocelyn, I had 2 layers of lashes and my lashes were considered long for an Asian. Haha, I was really surprised at that.

Check out my natural lashes, the eyepads are placed beneath my lashes to protect my lower lashes and also allow the technician to work with ease on my upper lashes

Next, she selects lashes which are suitable for me:

Jocelyn used around 200 strands of lashes on me and merticulously did one lash at a time.

It is an intricate process that also involves the seperation of the newly added lashes after each round so that the lashes do not clump together. And the natural lashes would be to grow normally.

It was an estimated 1.5 hours to do a set of lashes for me. The overall process was painless and seemingly quick. In fact, it took around 2 hours in the end as Jocelyn mentioned that I had quite a number of lashes.

Check out the end result; natural-looking lashes which I could call my own:

Don’t mind the whitish stains on my right eyelid, it’s the fake eyelash glue residue.

Side view of my lash extensions:

As you can see it’s much more natural looking as there is no blackish strip unlike the fake eyelashes. Now, I was worried about the maintenance as I am a very hassle-free person. I couldn’t stand my previous extensions because I had to try to avoid water and all that. But I was pretty pleased to learn that I need not avoid water with these set of extensions, in fact, I could go swimming if I wanted. I don’t need to wear goggles in the shower! Haha! I just needed to avoid glycerol, an ingredient in oil-based makeup removers. That was really simple then! Refills are recommended every 3-4 weeks.

So I’ve been having these lashes for 10 over days and so far, I’m loving it. In fact, I’ve been cutting down on eye makeup and going for the more natural look. I feel confident too even without makeup as my eyes are made up in such a natural manner.

And as my natural lashes grew, the extensions were pushed forward and curled up even more naturally. What I have on now are mostly the 12mm lashes, I will be getting these removed and be updating again with a fuller set of lashes. I’m hoping for long, dolly 16mm lashes!

Most people complain about their natural lashes dropping off due to eyelash extensions and getting all bald over the lid area. I will then see for myself that Novalash will not harm my natural lashes in such a manner. Do stay tuned for my post then 😉

For more information such as price packages & locations, please CLICK HERE. Now for my readers, a special promo price at 30% off! Please use the PROMO CODE: BeautyAffair30 (Expires 30th Nov 2012)

30% off listed menu for selected eyelash extension service :
NovaLash Lash Technician
1st Set Natural $129 –> $89
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[REVIEW] Ardell LashGrip Eyelash Adhesive Eyelash Glue

It’s no secret why this eyelash adhesive is so highly raved and even recommended by World of Colours Creative Director – Julyen Z. LaVerne. I first spotted him using it a L’oreal beauty workshop was pleased to know that I had made a good choice.

LashGrip Eyelash Adhesive is easy to use and holds my lashes securely in place without much hassle. It also dries quickly and can be removed easily, without much tugging of the lids or lashes.

Adhesive comes in two shades but I usually go for Clear. It comes out as a white liquid tjhjat would turn translucent upon drying; blending in with your eye makeup afterwards.

My only grouse is that the nozzle is rather big so I usually squeeze out more than I require. So do be careful when using it… Also, it may leave some adhesive residue upon removal. But overall, I’m a satisfied user and have bought this repeatedly.


Apply a thin line of adhesive along band. Wait 30 seconds so that the adhesive dries slightly and becomes tacky. Place band against eyelid as close to lash roots as possible. Using fingertips, gently press corners and along the band to secure.

Removal: Gently peel lash off lid, starting at the outer corner. Clean lash band by peeling off residual adhesive. Place lashes back on tray to maintain their shape for re-use. Make-up remover or baby oil may be used to remove residual adhesive on eyelid.


Water (Aqua), Rubber Latex, Cellulose Gum, Sodium Dodecylbenzene Sulfonate, Ammonium Hydroxide, Fragrance (Parfum), Coumarin, Geraniol, Limonene, Linalool, Formaldehyde

You can find this at John Little Departmental Stores.


Dolly Wink Fake Lashes by Tsubasa Masuwaka *** KAWAII ***

Since we’re still on the topic of false lashes, I must really blog about this.
You might have already seen or heard of this brand.
Apparently, some lashes were brought in to Singapore and sold at Watsons but they’re all currently SOLD OUT!!!

Well, it certainly is no surprise as these LASHES are HOT,HOT,HOT!!!

Dolly Wink is a cosmetic line by 25 year old top gyaru model Tsubasa Masuwaka.
She is absolutely adorable and pretty.

I wish I could carry off her big eyed dolly look too.

Maybe if I get my hands on those lashes, I could possibly make a feeble attempt to emulate her makeup look.
Anyway, what the hell is gyaru? It took me abit of googling before I found out that the direct translation of “gyaru” is “girl”. And that the gyaru fashion is really HOT not only in Japan but also in other parts of the world like even Spain & Russia!?
It’s more of a cutsey aka Kawaii dressing where the girls usually sport brown, blonde or some other light-colored hair and shimmering dolly makeup. Some are tanned to give that bronzed sun-kissed look. They like to wear girly, feminine cutsey outfits and finish off the look with a pair of ridiculously high platform shoes.

Example of Gyaru girls and their fashion

Anyway, just to share more pictures of the lashes design from Dolly Wink!
Stop drooling!! 😛

They cost ¥1,260 in Japan, I wonder how much would they retail over here.
That’s like freaking SGD20+ per pair of lashes!!!
Check out their website HERE

Dolly Wink Products can be bought from SASA Hong Kong Online!

***All images shown in this blog entry are taken from Goodle Images & the Dolly Wink Official Website***

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