Why You Should Stay Connected With The Best Womens’ Portal Online

Guess which women’s all in one portal I’m talking about? It’s none other than MY FAT POCKET, of course. Here are 5 top reasons why you should stay connected with MFP.

Information at your finger tips!


The My Fat Pocket website is like a library full of informative articles on topics which are close to our hearts. Head over to Beauty or Fashion for the latest trends and tips. Feeling bored? Fret not because the Gossip articles about celebrities or just plain bizarre stuff happening around the hood would have you returning for more.

The Resident Bloggers


My Fat Pocket connects you with the resident bloggers (not all are featured in the above photo) who share about their lives, beauty reviews, fashion tips and more!

Aesthetic Appeal


You get updates on the latest articles available over at sister site Aesthetics Hub which covers everything you needed to know to achieve the perfect face and body. Check up on the directory of clinics and doctors available. Articles range from beauty enchancing non-invasive treatments such as botox and fillers, anti-aging face lifts to plastic surgery.

Makes Friends & Share Tips

Connect with likeminded ladies online and chat about anything under the sun in the My Fat Pocket forum. You can participate in giveaways and win something or join a spree and get stuff at bargain. (Forum is under maintenance now but it would be back soon!)

Being Connected

By following/ liking My Fat Pocket through these various social media mediums, you need not worry about missing out on any news once they are hot out of the press oven.

Get connected with MFP now!

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5 Type Of Women You Won’t Want On Your Facebook

Let’s face it, social media has enabled the ugly side of human beings to manifest further online. Like it’s not bad enough to be around these people in reality, you have to face them on the Internet too. Some of them are probably a combination of 2 or more of the below traits. Hey, who knows, I might happen to fall under some of the categories of which I would eternally despise myself for that.


#1 – The Dirty Laundry Lady

These are the women who have no qualms about sharing the most intimate details of their lives online. You know, these are the folks whom you might not know well in person but with that amount of information they are spewing online. You probably know their entire life story.


So yes we’ve heard, you caught your husband surfing porn for the 175th time. Oh wait, you didn’t just tag him in that rant status. And your in-laws hate you as much as you hate your husband’s guts. What? You earn double his salary and that makes him a pathetic lowlife. No wait, now you’d just lost your job. So is he having the last laugh? I guess it’s no surprise why he’d rather have sex with his right hand,eh?

Where’s your dignity, woman? Save the juicy details for your close friends over a cup of coffee OFFLINE. The whole online world doesn’t need to know that your marriage is on the rocks, your husband smokes too much or who pays for the baby’s milk and diapers because we honestly don’t give a damn.

#2 – The Whiner

There isn’t a day that goes by without her whining about something. The bus was 3.45 seconds late again today, she feels like no one understands her, why are all guys jerks, she hates meatballs… Every single status update is about how sick and sad her life is. You just simply can’t wait for her to just drive off a bridge and LIKE that last status update she writes before doing so.

#3 – The Braggart


She knows everything, conquered The Everest, won the Nobel prize and isn’t shy about letting the whole world know about it. Whenever someone asks for advice, she is there, not to offer help but rather flaunt the in-depth knowledge she has acquired mainly from mediating with the unicorn fairies in the fabled magical rainbow forest. Ok, we get it, you are smarter than ferrets.

#4 – The Selfie-hoe

Everywhere she goes, she uploads at least a dozen selfies on Facebook, of which 80% includes a duck face. Some days, your entire newsfeed is flooded with that face you wish you could smack so hard, it disappears from the surface of this earth. The selfie-hoe has attained the nirvana level of the camhoes. She has reached this level of no return and the only way to free your newsfeed from this perpetual terror is to unfollow her or hide all of her updates.

#5 – The Drama Queen


She is a combination of 2 or more of the above. When she isn’t updating her status with yet another whiny complaint or initimate details of her sick, sad life. She’s probably updating a new photo, yes, you guessed it, it’s a selfie! Wait, make it 10 selfies in a block of 43 seconds.

If not, it’s about how this disgusting guy who tried to pick her up in the bar when she had no make up and a bad hair day, wait till you hear about how he happens to resembles Ryan Gosling.


I’d say block this bitch immediately for the sake of your sanity. Or if you could then keep her in your friends list because it’s like watching TMZ on tv. She’s amusing and we could all do with some entertainment now and then.

OffersNPals, have you checked it out yet?

Hey fellow shopaholics and social addicts, I’m excited to share with you about this new website called OffersNPals which I had gotten to know from a friend.

It’s like social fun & an online shopping platform all rolled in one! Best of all, you get to connect to many merchants which you can look forward to shop from. You even get to share exciting offers with your friends on this site because sharing is caring.  And fun too! There’s also a review section where you can post your feedback about your purchase or about merchants quality read more about your friend’s purchase before committing to a buy. Sounds amazing, right?

This is the login page, I like how I can login in using my Facebook account so it saves me the hassle of having to sign up then wait for the confirmation email and all that.

I am totally digging its social media layout. Here, you get to share photos of your purchases, add friends to your profile, write and share reviews too and see what cool offers your friends have been buying! Haha, I swear this website must have been created for me because I have albums in my Facebook profile dedicated to showcasing my shopping loot.

You also get to customize which categories you wish to receive offers. The user-friendly search function allows you to check if you favorite merchant has any attractive offers up for grabs currently.

See the BECOME A FAN button above? Yes, it’s that simple to stay connected with a merchant you like.

One of the main attractions that drew me to OffersnPals is it’s different from a daily deal website which requires a minimum no of purchases to have the deal happen. Down here, merchants can offer discounts anytime they like and we the customers can also make an offer to the merchants! Yes, I’m not kidding you on that, this is the first website to offer this special feature.

The GIVE AN OFFER buttons is something to watch out for. For example, if you are planning a bachelorette manicure party, you could utilize this button to offer the merchant to give you a 30% discount off to commit for a manicure session for 6 girlfriends. How cool is that!

Another interesting aspect is that you get to share reviews and also read reviews from other consumers to aid in your purchase decision. Because some of these reviews could be written by your friends, it makes it all the more credible.

And to make things even more juicier for us, OffersNPals has a reward system for buying an offer or reviewing a merchant. Loyal customers get 5 points for each review and 1 point for each dollar paid at offersnpals. For example, if an offer is priced at S$200 and has 50% discount, net price is S$100. Customers would have to pay only S$12 to buy this offer and rest S$88, they can pay directly to the merchant. Since they pay S$12 at offersnpals, they receive 12 reward points.

So what are you waiting for? Join me now at OffersNPals, go on and add me as a friend while you are at it. Also, spread the word to your fellow shopaholic friends too!

Facebook Fans, May I Have Your Attention Pls?

Dear all, Facebook is now charging page admins to pay, so only 10% of page fans will receive the updates posted here. To continue receiving updates from my blog please:

1) Go to our page A Beauty Affair
2) Hover your mouse over the “LIKED” button and click on “Add to Interests Lists”

Thank you for your support ♥

[Giveaway] Etude House giving away Dear My Blooming Lipstalk Lippies!

Hey girlies, how’s monday? Don’t be so gloomy if you’re suffering from the blues as I’ve got something to share.

Etude House now has its own Global Facebook Page, just head down to Etude House Global FB now! LIKE it & join their little giveaway there.

Giveaway Link CLICK HERE! Today is the last day so good luck!

Birthday Giveaway #2! Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Balancing Softener W

Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Balancing Softener w | 25ml

A brightening softening lotion that immediately hydrates skin for an optimally moisturized, luminous complexion. Enhances the benefits of your moisturizer.

This is part II of the giveaway I’m having in conjunction with my Bday week!


1) Like my FACEBOOK page

2) Simply LIKE & SHARE this PHOTO

3) Leave a comment on the photo page to show that you’ve done the above, one lucky winner would be randomly selected!

What’s up, beauty junkie?

Isn’t it amazing how social media has transformed our lives today. How information sharing is made so easy with social media tools such as blogs and social network sites like Facebook?

I like to rant a lot so I often use The Mood Weather report to share my mood.

I have been blogging since 2004 but only started blogging about beauty related topics in 2009 after a Maybelline beauty event. Check out my first beauty post HERE. Blogging about beauty is one of my hobbies as I really enjoy trying out new skincare products. And also being the vain pot I am, I hope to maintain my complexion as well as I can.

And after closing down my personal blog, I have resorted to using Facebook to share my daily thoughts. It’s a great outlet for me to let out some steam and also keep myself updated with the happenings of my friends and that of websites or groups which I have joined. Like for example, My Fat Pocket has some really interesting and educational articles on their Facebook Wall. Liking MFP on Facebook means I’m kept updated with their postings via my wall feed. You may check out their Facebook page HERE.

Also, My Fat Pocket has several community forums so it doesn’t matter what’s your interest. It could be beauty, shopping, fashion or even food, there is a forum for you to share your comments. Or if you happen to have a burning question or need some recommendations on any issues, just hop by My Fat Pocket to check it out. The friendly ladies of the community would point you in the right direction :)

Do check out My Fat Pocket and register today! The more comments you make, the more points you get and you can exchange them for some really cool freebies. Remember I’d blogged about freebie redemption via My Fat Pocket before? Check out the article HERE, it gives you instructions on how to join & earn points!

Join My Fat Pocket on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/My-Fat-Pocket/82851119091

& follow them on Twitter too: https://twitter.com/#!/myfatpocket



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