[Review] Sygmalift Pain Free Instant V Face


I am not getting any younger and signs of aging are already showing, at the same time, I am also concerned with maintaining a slim, V-shape face. So when I heard about Sygmalift, I was really excited about trying it out. It is totally non-invasive, no injections or threads involved, and most importantly, it is painless without down time!
Sygmalift uses a combination of High Intensity Focal Ultrasound in fractionated mode to help lift and remodel the face shape into a slimmer, V shaped face and a cold laser 635 nm that stimulates the skin to encourage collagen generation and enhances the complexion.

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[Giveaway / Contest] 2B Alternative for Face (V-shape face please!)

No money for botox? Don’t want to do anything too invasive? Well, fret not, ladies for there’s a facial slimming product that can help you achieve your dream V-shape face.

This is a highly-raved product which even local bloggers like Moonberry & Vivian have sworn by. Now, it’s your chance to also have that slim face which you desire for FREE! Yes, 2B Alternative has proudly sponsored me 10 boxes of 2B Alternative for Face Serum (7ml x 2 in a box) worth S78.80 each to giveaway to my dear readers.

Check out details on how to win under the cut!

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