[Review] 6HD Eyebrow Embroidery with Paramedic Aesthetics


Did you know that the eyebrows are the most important feature in defining your face? Well, I thought it would be the eyes or the lips. But believe it or not, science says that it is our eyebrows in this study conducted by researchers at The University of Lethbridge in Canada. The researchers showed participants 25 images of celebrities without eyebrows, followed by 25 images of celebrities without eyes. And here’s the interesting findings, the participants were able to correctly identify 56 percent of the celebrities shown without eyes, but only 46 percent of the celebrities without eyebrows.

We may not have won the gene lottery when it comes to having gorgeous brows like Cara Delevingne but there’s always 6HD eyebrow embroidery to save the day.

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[REVIEW] Award-winning ZA Cosmetics – ZA Ever Brow Eyebrow Liner

Before I go on, have you visited ZA’s revamped website?
It’s so hip, cool and PINK now in comparison to the boring old static page it used to be. I’m totally awed the moment I visited it though I must admit the background jingle is driving me nuts.

Anyway, previously I’d blogged about ZA winning the Watsons award for Best-selling Eyebrow Pencil in 2010. I’ve received the ZA Ever Brow in BR21 which is like a deep black-brownish shade and I’m loving this product! *Muacks*

It’s simple to use for an amateur eyebrow drawer like me as it comes with a twist and draw auto pencil. This is a great fuss-free applicator which eliminates the need for a sharpener.

ZA’s website even teaches you the right way to draw your brows:

Here’s how it looks when applied:

I think it gives a more natural feel and I find that it lasts on me for more than 8 hours. I’m sorry that I do not have a better photo to show and don’t mind my brows as they are pretty thick.


Thumbs up for the ZA Ever Brow!
I guess it is no surprise as to why it is rated 5.0 out of 5 even on MakeupAlley.com

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