[Review] IQueen 3D Secret Cleanser Brush


I’d received my first electronic cleanser brush and it’s quite interesting. This is the IQueen 3D Secret Cleanser Brush from Korea. It has a specially formulated anti-microbial brush made of silicone which is why it is soft and flexible to touch. There is a switch on the wand which you press to make the brush head vibrate as you are cleansing. 12,000rpm of vibration helps create micro bubbles that effectively cleanses off dead skin and clogged pores. I had such satisfaction using this over my nose because it’s always so congested over there.

For a first timer to cleansing brushes, this is really simple to use. First, you wet your face to prep it for the cleansing and then you rinse the brush under running water. Next, you add your cleanser onto the brush. Lastly, you can start cleansing.

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[REVIEW] CAOLION Moisture Peeling Massage Gel from KOREA

WISH TREND is a Korean website which focuses on all stuff beauty, fashionable & entertaining. Some time back, I received the CAOLION Moisture Peeling Massage Gel from them and I was excited to try it out. With quite a number of such peeling scrubs in the market currently, I was curious to see how would this one fare. Since for one, I have not heard of this brand before but since it was featured on their website, it should be something good.

So curious to find out how did it fare? Click to read on more…

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