Watson’s Day Out Reveal Part 2


This is a continuation of the Watson’s Day Out Reveal Part 1, do check it out if you have not read it yet. There are many new brands and products that will be exclusively available in Watsons. One of the brands include popular Korean Hydrogel Mask brand – Faith In Face.


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Aesthetics & Beauty ‘Looking Fabulous & Gorgeous Party’


This blog post is really late but what the heck, better late than never. It’s the only event I have attended so far this 2015 though because my stay-at-home life doesn’t really let me get out often. And I must say, it was the one of the best media events I’ve ever attended.


This is the only photo I had managed to take before my battery died on me. Yes, silly me forgot to charge them the night before. Anyway, the whole event was like a beauty fair. There were several booths featuring brands such as Dr Benjamin Yim, Environ, Bene Premium, Jane Iredale and many more. Continue reading

The Face Shop’s Raspberry Roots 1st Million Special Anniversary

On Saturday night, I was at 1-Altitude to attend The Face Shop’s Raspberry Roots 1st Million Special Anniversary, along with June.


The Raspberry Roots series is a hot favorite among TFS fans and I have heard so much raves about it, especially the sleeping mask. Did you know that the Raspberry fruit is bursting with antioxidants, thus, it is full of skincare benefits and anti-aging properties.


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Halloween & how mine was ruined by The Arena

My 1st Halloween experience was way back in 2008 and it was superb. Probably because I had on a fabulously cute witch outfit; one which I had been lemming for since ages.
I went without expectations since it was my first time but I had ended up having the time of my life. My bestie, June accompanied me despite being ill and she got to borrow my brand new Sergent Sexy costume. We had the costumes, the props so all we had to do was to just go out & have fun.

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Martha Tilaar Shop @ Marina Square

Looks like Marina Square is the place to be at, with more & more beauty shops popping up there. This is the 2nd shop preview I was invited to that was held over there. Martha Tilaar shop is currently opened at Marina Square, #02-341, just right beside The Body Shop.

Dr Martha Tilaar is the founder of the Martha Tilaar company and also a cosmetics entrepreneur from Indonesia. She has been in this beauty & spa industry for 40 years, building the Martha Tilaar brand and making it known nation-wide in Indonesia.

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L’oreal Youth Code Celebratory Luncheon! You’re invited!

Just got this in my mail, those who are keen to experiment this revolutionary new range brought to you proudly by the great folks of L’oreal… Do check it out 😉

I think you’ll need to log on to www.reebonzcity.com to get your invites! Just pay $35 and get a free luncheon + goodie bag worth $176.50, why not?

FREE Cleo Workshop in Dec!

I wanted to sign up for this but it would be wayyyyy too close to my wedding date so yeah…
Those who are keen, do check it out. It is co-sponsored by Aqualabel, Majolica Majorca & Shiseido Professional + Panasonic.
It’s FREE & you will get a goodie bag too!

HiP HiP Hurray for L’oreal – Hip Cosmetics Preview

Thank you L’oreal for the invite to preview the latest cosmetic range – HiP (Highly Intensity Pigments).
As the name suggests, be prepared to be wow over by bright and trendy colors in this collection.
The eye shadows are richly pigmented for a more intense and long-lasting look.











The range is imported from US and Singapore’s fortunate enough to be the FIRST in Asia to have it in stores!

Currently, there’s a total of eight gorgeous colors in the range as you can see from the photo to your left. The ones with a heart are my favorite :)

You’re not limited to using the duo colors in each tub but encouraged to mix and match the shades from more then one.

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SANA Natural Resource for Sensitive Skin

Updates as of 06 SEPT 2010: It has been more than a month of trial for this range of SANA Natural Resource skincare products and it has not given me any problems such as breakouts or caused any sensitivity. If you are keen to try out the products, do drop by SASA to check them out. I have also updated on my reviews below :)

Thanks to Fr3b & SANA, I got to learn alot today. Carra, the brand manager shared a whole load of informative tips with me; of which she had learnt from their Japan trainers.

For those plagued by sensitive skin, fret not because SANA has came up with a new range specially for you.

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