Neogence Summer Skincare Workshop

My first Saturday media event on a Saturday after so very long. Even though I’m not working, Saturdays are usually a lazy rest day for me as I relinquish my parental duties to the hubs.

imageSo instead of staying in bed, I was at the Neogence Summer Skincare Workshop learning about their products. I even got to concoct my very own skincare essence so it was all worth it. Continue reading

[Giveaway] L’oreal White Perfect Laser, even better than IPL?

Recently, I attended a blogger event with June by L’oreal where they made a bold claim; that their latest L’oreal White Perfect Laser whitening skincare range had proven clinical results which resemble the aftermath of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL).

Don’t mind my sickly, pasty white face as I was down was a bad flu and nearly forgotten all about this event till I got the reminder from L’oreal.

Check out the stars of the night:

Left to right; White Perfect Laser Anti-Spot Brightening Essence (S$39.90) and the All-Round Whitening Cream SPF19/PA+++ (S$32.90)

We all know that IPL as a popular though pricey method to whiten the skin. Others go for vitamin C drips which are also not very friendly on the pocket, costing a few hundreds a go. With the L’oreal White Perfect Laser, fairer and brighter skin seems achievable in a more affordable manner.

Details on how to WIN a L’oreal Youth Code Boosting Essence (S$39.90) & UV Perfect sunscreen SPF 30 PA+++ (S$17.90) under the cut…

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[Advertorial] Kanebo’s Freshel White C & Moist Lift

I was real excited to try out these products from Kanebo after hearing so many raves about this Japanese brand. Kanebo is a well-known Japanese beauty brand and Freshel‘s brand concept is to provide hassle-free and quality beauty products for the busy, working ladies. It is also one of the few Japanese brands to have come up with a BB cream that is an All-in-One product -a beauty essence, an emulsion, a cream, a sunscreen, and a makeup base. The BB creams have received many raves online and so I was excited to see what it could do for me.

From left to right – Whitening Essence Cream, Whitening Lotion (L), Whitening Milk (L), Whitening Night Essence, Whitening Cream & BB Cream W Cream UV

From left to right – Moisture Soap, Brightening Moisture Lotion, Moisture Soothing Essence, Night Essence & BB Cream Moist Lift

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[REVIEW] Korean skincare from Serenity Allure [Leaders Clinic included!]

It’s time to rejoice because Leaders Clinic, a highly popular Korean brand for beauty products is now available in Singapore. And you can get them from Serenity Allure, a new online store in town! They bring in Korean brands such as Leader Clinic & Bidanpo.

The lovely folks at Serenity Allure were nice enough to let me try out some of the products. I got this parcel from them last week:

So what’s in there?

From your left to right, you can see there’s the #1 – IPL Whitelux Ampoule Mask, #2 – Collagen Infusion Essential Mask & #3-Leaders Clinic Sulphur Blackhead Sunction Nose Pack.

Just a brief intro to Leaders Clinic – It’s a clinic range developed by top clinical experts in Korea. And they are the best-selling range of masks in Korea with many hot Korean celebrities as their users. These masks are different from other brands especially due to its ultra thin silk cellulose material; so that it fits on your face like a second skin. Allowing the mask’s essence to be effectively absorbed by your skin during the treatment.

There are 2 ranges in the masks series; The Ampoule & The Essential Masks. The Ampoule Masks contains the equivalent of one ampoule content. So it saves you the hassle of having to buy individual ampoule bottles and messing up if you have a broken glass ampoule bottle. While the Essential Masks contains highly concentrated essence.

They also carry special care products which target specific problems such as blackheads and sun care products as well.

Read on for my review…

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