Crazy fun website! If you had a baby with Edward Cullen, how would it look like?

I was googling when I chanced upon this image. This is how computer interprets Harry Potter’s & Dakota Fanning’s baby to look like:

Honestly, I thought this was crazy shit. And the baby does resemble Harry more. Oh WTF am I talking about, Harry isn’t even real. So this is how Daniel Radcliffe and Dakota Fanning’s baby would look like. But Dakota’s only 16… Why would anyone wanna do this?

Anyway, here’s the fun thing, you get to try morphing your face with some hot celebrity and then get a glimpse of what your offspring would look like OR you could just mix 2 hot celebrities and see if their kid would turn out good. You even get to choose the gender of the baby too.

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Psst… Top 10 Gossip I Wanna Share

If you have been visiting the MFP Portal, you would have come across these interesting articles. Here’s my top 10 picks from the GOSSIP Section :)

#1 – Eat Angry Birds Mooncakes Now

I thought it was an ingenious idea to come up with angry bird mooncakes but honestly, the ones shown in the photo above ain’t appealing at all. Would I purchase them? No. Because they look like poorly made mooncakes. I rather get some yummy champagne truffle mooncakes from Fairmont Hotel or whatsoever.


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