Pampering Hair Session at Salon De Choix

I’m excited to share that I just had my hair done. Situated conveniently in town at Winsland House 1, Salon De Choix offers a range of services which will solve all your hair woes.

Upon reaching the salon, I was warmly greeted and offered a seat. A drink of my choice & some biscuits were provided. My stylist, Elein Chong then started recommending me ideas for my hair. Dip-dyes are kind of passé now, but instead of moving away from it totally. The techniques are softened to give a more subtle look. Elein suggested that I try a graduation of tones from dark to something brighter in a copper shade.

Model rocking the Bridget Bardot inspired look

This is one of the trending shades for Autumn/Winter 2012 from the retro nouveau color collection inspired by the style of Bridget Bardot. Copper being a sensual & fiery shade like the iconic lady herself. Furthermore, this was suitable for work as well. Knowing that I was in good hands, I went along with her suggestion and I couldn’t wait for the end result.

But first, I was given a much needed hair cut because I’ve probably not trimmed my hair in ages. Just look at the pathetic state of my hair before we begin.  After almost a year of neglect (due to my pregnancy), my hair was screaming out for attention. Not only were my roots were showing, it was almost half of my entire hair length. Also, my hair felt tangled and dry, it was pretty much awful.

Check out the amount of hair cut, I have a headful of really thick hair that was weighing it down. So a little thinning would the do the trick. Next, the dye job begins. As my natural hair was raven black and stubborn, it took awhile for the color to show despite using heat.

After this, I had my hair washed and I must rave about the massage chairs they have! Even the hair wash was a pampering session where I could relax in.

Next,my hair was diagnosed and here’s the verdict:

It’s NORMAL, STRONG & THICK, can you believe it? I thought my hair was dry like hay. As you can see, my recommended prescription would be the Kerastase range for color-treated hair. So I was treated to this Kerastase treatment, it consists of the shampoo, fusio dose treatment & mask.

The Fusio-Dose treatment consists of a booster which contains Polyphenols and Ionium that provides anti-oxidative action to protect colored hair. The combination of this booster & the highly concentrated formula treatment would give your hair color an immediate radiance.

And the next step is my favorite because this treatment mist smells so good! Presenting the Kerastase Elixir Ultime!

For color-treated hair, this mist promotes rich texture in your colored locks, so that it reflects light and radiance. Its lovely fragrance is inspired by Coco Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle.

Now, you must be curious about how the end result looks like. Check it out!

Here’s a BEFORE & AFTER photo:

Can you see how smooth & silky my hair is now after the Kerastase treatment?

My hair looks transformed!!! And here’s a lovely photo of the stylist responsible for this wonderful job. Elein & me!

Do check out Salon De Choix, it’s located at 3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1.

You may mention my name CHARLOTTE for 15% off their hair services 😉

Liese new hair colors – Looks good!

Looks good, especially the Platinum Beige one.
I love the ash blond look but can never seem to achieve that color without bleaching my hair. So I’m wondering if using a DIY hair color dye will be able to ensure such end results?

Maybe I should try once my highlights grow out BUT I’m seriously way too lazy to DIY :(

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