[Review] Aqua Facetherapy Facial at Nu.Reflections Face & Body Clinic


After going for monthly facials at Nu Reflections Face & Body Clinic and making a conscientious effort in looking after my skin, I’m starting to see visible improvement. The Eternal Youth Facials have been most pampering and moisturising for the skin, and helpful in tackling aging concerns. I still get mistaken for being early twenties or mid twenties and I believe I should credit that to part maintenance and part genetics.


This month, I got to try a new facial treatment, called the Aqua Facetherapy facial.

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Eternal Youth Facial at Nu.Reflections Face & Body Clinic


I always look forward to my facials at Nu.Reflections because it is one of the only times I get to relax and have my skin pampered by their attentive therapist. This round, I got to try out the Eternal Youth facial. Long hours in the office causes dry and dehydrated skin while air pollutants also damages the skin. This 2 hour-long rejuvenating facial utilities the apple stem cells to firm, moisturize and repair the skin. For full benefits of this facial, you may refer to the website.


My therapist, Fion, starts out with double cleansing on my face and neck to ensure that no trace of makeup is left. Continue reading

Rejuvenating My Skin At Nu.Reflections Face & Body Clinic


After skipping regular facials for months or even a whole full year, I am finally back at Nu.Reflections Face and Body clinic to get a facial done. My skin type is more towards dry and sometimes sensitive, it has clogged pores, lots of black and whiteheads due to the months of neglect. Elaine, an experienced therapist took a look at my skin condition and suggested that I did a MagicDrops Facetherapy facial.

Nu.Reflections Face & Body Clinic

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[Review & Giveaway] Crème Simon Gentle Double Exfoliation Scrub


Received this lovely surprise a few days back from Creme Simon, natural skincare products from France. I’ve tried a couple of their products and my favorite has been their super versatile moisturizer, the Creme Universelle. And now, I’ll share another of my favorites in a review.

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[Review] Creme Simon’s Creme Universelle

Do you happen to have a cluttered dresser because you have too many creams and lotions? Don’t you wish that there was just ONE cream for everything? CRÈME SIMON provides the solution with Crème Universelle, a universal cream for all your skincare woes.


Founded in 1860, CRÈME SIMON started out with a miracle cream that quickly gained popularity among women for its extraordinary results on their complexions. Today, they have a full range available, specially formulated for the modern woman, where each product have key natural active ingredients derived from pure botanical extracts. Continue reading

[Giveaway] Make your skin smile with Mary Kay

This was my first Mary Kay event and it was an interesting one. I’ve heard of Mary Kay products but have not tried any. This is because Mary Kay is exclusively available through direct selling only; so you won’t see these in stores or at the beauty counters. Mary Kay is a US company but its products can be bought worldwide in more than 35 countries. This includes both Malaysia and Singapore.

The motto behind the new skincare range which was being introduced to us was ‘Make your skin smile’ and so we actually got to indulge in some laughing exercises before the presentation begin. You know, they say ‘Laughter is the best medicine’ and some people actually practice this to keep themselves healthy and fit.

It was kind of awkward but a rather eye-opening experience for me. I think I do laugh enough since people around me are always making me LOL.

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Keeping hydrated in air-conditioning

Singapore begin a hot, tropical humid little island is one reason why so many Singaporeans have air-conditioning at home and everywhere else. Most of us induldge in the coolness when we get home straight from our comfortable air-coditioned offices.

However, long periods in air-conditioned environments can cause skin to be dehydrated and when that happens, it opens up doors to a gateway of irritating skin conditions.

So what are the few steps we can take to ensure that we do not dry out our skin with the cool temperature?

#1 – Stay hydrated

I know it has been repeated so many times but drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day will keep your body functioning well and hydrated.

#2 – Use a moisturizer

While most of us remember our nightly skin regime we tend to neglect our body. You don’t need an expensive or branded lotion, just something basic from a drugstore would do. The Body Shop carries some nice smelling body lotions and body butters which you can consider. Drugstore brands like Nivea and Jergens are fine too.

And let’s not forget about our feet too, if you have moisturizing socks that’s great. Else you can just simply DIY by applying your body lotion or a specialized foot cream and then putting on normal cotton socks. Burt’s Bees has some great footcare products you can check out.

#3- Use a lip balm

The lips when exposed to dry conditions easily become cracked and chapped. Sometimes even leading to bleeding which can cause some pain and discomfort. You can try brands like Carmex or Mentholatum, just use a little before you head for bed and be amazed at how a little lipbalm could do so much by the morning.

#4 – Get a humidifier

Humidifiers help increase the level of humidity in the room. You know how some people would place a bowl or glass of water near the air-conditioning unit in an enclosed area? Usually that small amount of water isn’t gonna be of much help in providing the required amoung of moisture needed. Hence, this is where the humidifier comes and plays its part. Gmarket carries a few affordable types of humidifiers which you can check out.

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