Edison Chen’s naughty Whatsapp messages to Cammie

I bet the top searches on all search engines are Cammie Tse & Edison Chen’s names. Here’s some juicy gossip… a print screen of the apparent Whatsapp messages between Edison & Cammie. Though I kind of wonder about the authenticity of it.

So Edison Chen is into role-playing and dress up? Especially for french maid and school uniforms… Hmmm. guess so. Since Cecilia was spotted in a Police Woman uniform in those scandalous photos back in 2008.

If you have NO CLUE at all on what’s going on then please go read up my previous BLOG ENTRY on this EDISON CHEN & CAMMIE TSE SCANDAL.

Halloween & how mine was ruined by The Arena

My 1st Halloween experience was way back in 2008 and it was superb. Probably because I had on a fabulously cute witch outfit; one which I had been lemming for since ages.
I went without expectations since it was my first time but I had ended up having the time of my life. My bestie, June accompanied me despite being ill and she got to borrow my brand new Sergent Sexy costume. We had the costumes, the props so all we had to do was to just go out & have fun.

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