What Is The Answer To Fixing Flat, Limp & Lifeless Hair?


It is The Dove Volume & Nourishment range! Have you seen these in stores yet? Created specially for women with limp, lifeless locks. This latest range makes use of oxyfusion technology to give you the perfect balance of nourishment, with beautiful bounce and volume.


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[REVIEW] Dove Moisture Therapy Shampoo for Dry, Rough Hair

Ever since I tried the DOVE damage therapy intense repair shampoo & conditioner (READ MY REVIEW HERE!) , I have been a fan of Dove hair products. So when I was overseas and lacking a shampoo, I chose the Moisture Therapy Shampoo for Dry, Rough Hair.

I’m not sure if this is available in Singapore but anyway, what I loved most about it is the scent. Dove has really nice-smelling hair products and this one was no different. It also lathers up real easy so you can save a lot since a little goes a long way. I have dry and rough hair like what the bottle states that this shampoo is for. However, I didn’t feel silky, smooth locks when I was rinsing. But it would be unfair to judge since I did not have the conditioner to try out.

On a positive note, my hair and scalp felt clean and smelled really good. So I’m looking forward to take the conditioner for a test run when I have the chance.

Overall Rating: .5

Let’s just say that I can’t fully conclude because I have not tried the accompanying conditioner for this range. Also, I really prefer the Damage Therapy range over this.

How do you tame that lion’s mane?

Do you have unruly, messy hair that’s untamed each morning you wake? Then fret not, for you are not alone!

I used to wish for sleek, straight hair and thus, the numerous rebonding sessions I have made my hair put up with. However, now, I actually prefer a slight wave in my hairstyle so that it looks more natural instead of ruler-straight.

If there’s one thing I could change about my hair, it would be to have really soft and luscious locks.  You see I have really thick hair so it’s much more difficult to maintain. And it is badly damaged too due to the chemical treatments it has undergone. So if I could have hair like those in the shampoo ads, it would be a dream come true!

Anyway, just thought I shared some tips on solving some hairy woes.

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