Busy With Baby Projects

I had been reading up on sensory play for babies and can’t wait to start a host of activities with him. However, some projects would have to wait because he’s still at the stage of mouth exploratory. And I am not comfortable at the thought of him putting certain items into his mouth. So the sensory activity box containing colored rice would have to wait.

Sensory play are activities which stimulates the 5 sense; touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing. It’s vital for children to engage in sensory play because it helps them to develop¬†cognitively, linguistically, socially and emotionally, physically and creatively.

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So I decided to add some plushies into his mini ball pit. These stuffed toys come in different textures, stimulating the touch sense. It was fun for Asher to discover and pick these items from within. We also got him another 100 more colored balls to fill up the pit.

He’s enjoying his sensory tunnel very much too, it never fails to inject lots of laughter as he peers through one end of it and sees me at the other end. I added some colored balls for him to have fun with while crawling through. We’re having loads of fun developing his gross motor skills, body awareness and motor planning skills.

And despite having a ball pit and tunnel, the little one isn’t satisfied with this DIY gym of mine. He can some times be found up and about, scaling the sofa. Unfortunately, there’s no more room left in this play area for more baby gym equipment.


Just a tip, if you do not have a ready-made ball pit, you could just buy an inflatable pool and fill it up with colored balls. The inflatable pool could also double up as a pool on hot days for baby to cool off. A bigger bang for your buck, eh? ūüėČ

Another project I’ve worked on was to fix his windows. DH accidentally broke one of the blinds in baby’s bedroom, rendering us at the mercy of the sun. So for the time being, I decided to stick colored vanguard sheets over the windows. I even added some cute wall decals for him to admire.¬†It was a brilliant idea, it keeps the sun out and isn’t costly at all.

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