[Tutorial] DIY Light Box For Preschool Sensory Play

Lately, I have been seeing a lot of these online and decided to try making one for Asher. I wish I had chanced upon these tutorials earlier, I’m pretty sure an 8 month old or 10 month old Asher would have been pretty intrigued. Some branded preschools have light tables and this why you are paying a premium fee because of the resources and facilities they have. So if you are not willing to fork out S$2000 a month or your child’s preschool does not own a light table, then why not try making one of your own?


Light tables are great sensory tools for exploratory play. But they can be quite costly with prices usually starting in the hundreds. Besides, I have not seen a single light table in any kids supply store in Singapore. I guess it isn’t that popular here, Singaporean parents are more obsessed with flash cards and assessment books.

There is this really cool link which teaches you how to make your own light table. It looks way more professional and is relatively cheap to build. But if you are like me and rather not risk playing carpenter then here’s how to make your own DIY light box.


This is probably the easiest way to make your own DIY box. Just grab a TROFAST storage box from Ikea and overturn it on a light source. (If you found this box familiar, then yes, it first appeared in my shark feeding box tutorial). Yes, it is as simple as that! We used a SMYG lamp, also from Ikea, for our light source. You could use a lamp or torch light, it is really up to you!

For storage, you could just turn it upright and cover it with the lid to prevent the insides from getting dusty. In fact, when all of our light box learning materials from Amazon arrives, I plan to store them in the box along with the lamp. This way we get to save space too. Total cost of your DIY light box = less than SGD$20!

Now, if you are clueless about what activities to go along with your light box, just check out Pinterest. There are lots of resources over there!

What I’ve Been Up To (Toddler Activities & Some Updates)

Firstly, I fell sick then Asher caught the flu bug from me. Since then, we were like sick little bobos for the past 2 weeks. Then just last weekend, we had the car to ourselves, so naturally we have been out almost everyday. So I have been busy busy busy and have not been blogging as often as I wanted to.


Here’s what I managed to do with Asher. I’m glad to finally announce that we have established a bedtime routine! I know, it is one of the fundamentals that should have been set up months ago but parenting is a journey of lifelong learning. So we are into our first week and hopefully, we will not break out of it.


We bring in a couple of books, some of them handpicked by the big boy himself. We indulge in some reading after he finishes his milk. It is a calming activity that helps him to relax and get ready for bed.


I’ve also DIYed a light box for him with materials from IKEA. However, I am still not totally satisfied with it. I think my box is too shallow and small but this would make do for the moment.

IMG_20140720_114318And I got some peekaboo reddish pink highlights done but since they were peekaboos, they are not obvious. I’m not sure if I like it or am regretting it. But I probably would let my hair rest for a month before I do something else to it.

Collage 2014-07-31 00_11_48

I was also at a launch event for Creme Simon, check out my blog post on it. And I just had a food tasting at Sakae Sushi this week. Yes, I tried all of the yummy stuff above… Now, this is just a teaser, so wait for my blog review, ok?

Guess that pretty much sums up what I’ve been up to of late. Oh and August, please be good to me.

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