Lou Hei @ Lokkee Restuarant


Thinking back, it was all due to a really silly mistake of mine that we ended up at Lokkee for our Lou Hei dinner. Firstly, the gang did not plan to dine at Lokkee, heck, the majority of us did not even knew its existence. The choice venue for the gathering was Lao Beijing (which also happens to be part of the Tung Lok group; just like Lokkee). So I offered to go get a table since I was the first to reach Plaza Singapura. The moment I reached the 3rd level, I entered the first chinese restaurant I saw without even looking at the sign. That was how we ended up with a table in Lokkee. I had only realised that I was in the wrong place when I looked down at the menu and to my horror, it was Lokkee instead of Lao Beijing. Too embarrassed to admit my mistake and make an exit, I forced my friends to come into Lokkee instead. Well, on the bright side, we got to try out a new place as a group.


Taken from the Tung Lok website… “Lokkee is inspired by Chinese take-out food often found in Chinatowns across cosmopolitan cities like New York, London and Sydney but elevates it through the use of premium ingredients and clean flavours. Lokkee’s menu is based on the cuisine of Chinese immigrants who have built on traditional Chinese cooking and interpreted it for diners in their adopted homes. Diners can look forward to sample well executed dishes that are synonymous to this urban culinary phenomenon such as Chow Mein, Mongolian Beef and Orange Chicken.”

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My simple salmon meal

There comes the time you get sick of the packeted food, fast food takeaways and instant noodles. So what do you do? I usually whip up a pasta meal because they are so easy. And pasta sauces come ready made in a bottle so what more could you ask for?

Well, another simple dish that I like is salmon. You could just eat it raw with some Shoyu & Wasabi or add it to some salad. Else if you prefer it cooked like me, you could just dump it in the toaster/oven to bake. So it never hurts to keep some salmon in your freezer.

The aluminum foil is your friend for this simple dish, just dump your salmon fillet on it and season it. What I used was a dash of Lawry’s black pepper and seasoned salt with a few drops of sesame oil.

Then wrap it up in foil and leave it to cook for around 5-7 minutes. I don’t have an oven so a toaster did the job for me.

And ta-da! A dash of lemon would have been nice but I had to make do with my limited resources.

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