[Review] $18 Brazilian Waxing At La Belle Skin via Deal.com.sg

Ever since my pampering previous de-fuzzing experience at Love De Beauteous, I felt that I should give waxing another go. However, I was on a tight budget and thus, returning to Love De Beauteous or even going to Strip was out of the question. So what’s a broke girl gonna do? I turned to Deal.com.sg in search of a bargain. And there it was, at the top of the search results. S$18 for Brazilian waxing.


I don’t usually buy services from Deal.com.sg, because you can’t expect much customer service and there are the possibilities of hidden charges too.  The last time I did, it ended up in a bad experience at Bella Luna Spa. So you could probably tell that I was really on that tight a budget to actually think it was a good idea to buy a brazilian waxing deal online. But with Asher’s birthday party coming up and having just blew a few hundred bucks on his present alone, I was as broke as hell. Continue reading

OffersNPals, have you checked it out yet?

Hey fellow shopaholics and social addicts, I’m excited to share with you about this new website called OffersNPals which I had gotten to know from a friend.

It’s like social fun & an online shopping platform all rolled in one! Best of all, you get to connect to many merchants which you can look forward to shop from. You even get to share exciting offers with your friends on this site because sharing is caring.  And fun too! There’s also a review section where you can post your feedback about your purchase or about merchants quality read more about your friend’s purchase before committing to a buy. Sounds amazing, right?

This is the login page, I like how I can login in using my Facebook account so it saves me the hassle of having to sign up then wait for the confirmation email and all that.

I am totally digging its social media layout. Here, you get to share photos of your purchases, add friends to your profile, write and share reviews too and see what cool offers your friends have been buying! Haha, I swear this website must have been created for me because I have albums in my Facebook profile dedicated to showcasing my shopping loot.

You also get to customize which categories you wish to receive offers. The user-friendly search function allows you to check if you favorite merchant has any attractive offers up for grabs currently.

See the BECOME A FAN button above? Yes, it’s that simple to stay connected with a merchant you like.

One of the main attractions that drew me to OffersnPals is it’s different from a daily deal website which requires a minimum no of purchases to have the deal happen. Down here, merchants can offer discounts anytime they like and we the customers can also make an offer to the merchants! Yes, I’m not kidding you on that, this is the first website to offer this special feature.

The GIVE AN OFFER buttons is something to watch out for. For example, if you are planning a bachelorette manicure party, you could utilize this button to offer the merchant to give you a 30% discount off to commit for a manicure session for 6 girlfriends. How cool is that!

Another interesting aspect is that you get to share reviews and also read reviews from other consumers to aid in your purchase decision. Because some of these reviews could be written by your friends, it makes it all the more credible.

And to make things even more juicier for us, OffersNPals has a reward system for buying an offer or reviewing a merchant. Loyal customers get 5 points for each review and 1 point for each dollar paid at offersnpals. For example, if an offer is priced at S$200 and has 50% discount, net price is S$100. Customers would have to pay only S$12 to buy this offer and rest S$88, they can pay directly to the merchant. Since they pay S$12 at offersnpals, they receive 12 reward points.

So what are you waiting for? Join me now at OffersNPals, go on and add me as a friend while you are at it. Also, spread the word to your fellow shopaholic friends too!

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