My ‘Do’s & ‘Don’t’s List While Preparing For Your Big Vday Date

So Vday is coming up in 2 days and you have scored a hot date with the cutest guy. *Pumps fist in air*

This is a fun article I came up with on how to survive that date, just some Do and Don’ts.

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Survive Vday 101

And so it’s the day after Vday, some probably had their dreams crushed, some got wasted, some got lucky while some are just glad it’s damn well over. And you know what, I feel you, because it’s so overrated and plasticky superficial, I’m glad it’s over.
Trust me, if you’re in love, everyday’s gonna be paradise for the both of you till the magic dies off and of cause that’s gonna happen because this is reality. It’s ain’t a fairy tale where people live happily ever after. There’s still gonna be them ‘evil witches and villains’ trying to tear you guys apart. But it’s with these experiences that you learn and grow along with.
So if you didn’t score well last night then please bookmark these articles from My Fat Pocket. It’s like a Vday guide for dummies.

I don’t have any Vday plans

Like what I’ve mentioned in my earlier blog entry on Vday, I find it overrated and commercialized. Everyday can be a Valentine’s day, you don’t need to wait till 14th Feb to remind each other of your love. When I was younger, I used to fuss over Vday. But now, let’s just say I’ve outgrown it.
You see, the restaurants will be packed and they’ll only serve a fixed menu which can be really boring for me. And the streets would be packed, the car parks would be full. And if you didn’t book in advance, you would probably have to join a long queue just to get a chance to taste that fixed set menu they serve.
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