[REVIEW] Dove Moisture Therapy Shampoo for Dry, Rough Hair

Ever since I tried the DOVE damage therapy intense repair shampoo & conditioner (READ MY REVIEW HERE!) , I have been a fan of Dove hair products. So when I was overseas and lacking a shampoo, I chose the Moisture Therapy Shampoo for Dry, Rough Hair.

I’m not sure if this is available in Singapore but anyway, what I loved most about it is the scent. Dove has really nice-smelling hair products and this one was no different. It also lathers up real easy so you can save a lot since a little goes a long way. I have dry and rough hair like what the bottle states that this shampoo is for. However, I didn’t feel silky, smooth locks when I was rinsing. But it would be unfair to judge since I did not have the conditioner to try out.

On a positive note, my hair and scalp felt clean and smelled really good. So I’m looking forward to take the conditioner for a test run when I have the chance.

Overall Rating: .5

Let’s just say that I can’t fully conclude because I have not tried the accompanying conditioner for this range. Also, I really prefer the Damage Therapy range over this.

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