Disney Baby Now In Singapore!

As a child, I grew up surrounded by Disney movies, stories and toys. Thus, it was no surprise how psyched I was about this Disney Baby launch in Southeast Asia. Disney characters have always been a part of my childhood and now I get to relive the magic together along with my child.


Some of you might have spotted this absolutely cute showcase for Disney Baby at the Rise & Shine/SuperMom Expo 2014, held at Suntec Convention Centre during the weekend. If you didn’t get a chance to then it is fine because I have some photos to share!!

***Be warned! Lots of cuteness overload!*** Continue reading

[Review+Event] Japanese Anime Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Makeup By CreerBeaute

You’ve got to give it to the Japanese for coming up with the most kawaii cosmetic packaging. Especially one that has your childhood Japanese anime characters on it. Some of you might have spotted these La Rose de Versailles makeup products in Watsons, and if you are a fan, rejoice because CreerBeaute (Japanese cosmetic brand under Bandai) will be officially launching in Singapore!

image (5)

In conjunction, they would also be lauching the Sailor Moon Miracle Romance range. (Swatches below) Ahhh… this brings back memories of my youth spending the after school hours depositing 20cent coins into a vending machine for Sailor Moon collector cards. Continue reading

Are you a Rilakkuma fan?

Move aside, Hello Kitty fans. It’s the Rilakkuma invasion. This adorable, lazy bear character from Japan has gained fans worldwide that it even have stores dedicated to selling only its merchandise.

Rilakkuma (リラックマ Rirakkuma?, a combination of the Japanese pronunciation of relax and the Japanese word for bear) is a Japanese character designed by Aki Kondo, produced by San-X in 2003.

Here’s my take on the top items every Rilakkuma fan should have.

Rilakkuma apparel:

Every self-respecting Rilakkuma fan must own at least one piece of Rilakkuma apparel. It doesn’t matter if its authentic Sanrio merchandise or not. But you must own a piece before you can truly proclaim yourself as a fan.

Rilakkuma stationery:

To keep you motivated at school or your desk job, it’s highly recommended that you as a Rilakkuma fan keep some stationery of this kawaii relax bear. Besides being irresistibly cute, at least these character merchandise are practical and functional.

Rilakkuma cushion/pillow:

Because a cushion or pillow is much more practical than a plush toy. You can hug it or use as a back support too.

Rilakkuma handphone case:

As you carry your mobile with you all the time, why not add a little eye candy to it with a Rilakkuma handphone casing?

And because you have everything else. A Rilakkuma plush would complete the collection.

Would you open up your home to me?

My name is Scooby, 1 year old and am already a daddy.

I was abandoned at a void deck and while looking for my ex-owner, I tried to sniff everyone. The police are called in. Although they couldn’t do anything, but they informed AVA too. My rescuer heard that they’re putting me to sleep.

People were so scared of me. They throw shoes and apples at me. They used umbrellas to hit me. It hurts and I’m afraid to stick-like things now.

I move from fosterers to fosterers without luck. I failed a homestay because I look for toys myself when I was given none. Which puppy doesn’t like to have their own toys?

Shelters are full and I’m boarding in a pet shop now. However, the pet shop is moving and they won’t be boarding anymore pets. Shelters are full.

Can someone please adopt me? I’m healthy and microchipped and likely to be HDB-approved. Please contact my rescuer Josephine at 90993985.


I am sharing this story on request of Scooby’s rescuer. I saw this dog at the void deck, terrified and barking away the whole day. Yet, he refused to leave the spot, as if hoping that his owner would come back for him.

People were wary of him despite him just staying in his own corner and barking for his owner. I even saw a man take out his shoe and attempted to hit Scooby with it. The residents went round spreading that there was a mad dog at the void deck. The police were called in and I feared that SPCA would come down to take him away and he would be put to sleep.

So I posted on FB asking for help and God sent Josephine to save Scooby. He had a buddha tag on him as shown below. If you have seen this dog around with its owner, or know anything about its owner. Please come forward with details. Irresponsible owners that abandon their dogs should be punished accordingly.

Remember, a pet is for life. If you cannot commit then please do not own one and spare it the misery.

Meanwhile, please share this piece of news with your friends. Scooby needs a home, will you open up yours to him?

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