[Review & Giveaway] Crème Simon Gentle Double Exfoliation Scrub


Received this lovely surprise a few days back from Creme Simon, natural skincare products from France. I’ve tried a couple of their products and my favorite has been their super versatile moisturizer, the Creme Universelle. And now, I’ll share another of my favorites in a review.

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[Review] Creme Simon’s Creme Universelle

Do you happen to have a cluttered dresser because you have too many creams and lotions? Don’t you wish that there was just ONE cream for everything? CRÈME SIMON provides the solution with Crème Universelle, a universal cream for all your skincare woes.


Founded in 1860, CRÈME SIMON started out with a miracle cream that quickly gained popularity among women for its extraordinary results on their complexions. Today, they have a full range available, specially formulated for the modern woman, where each product have key natural active ingredients derived from pure botanical extracts. Continue reading

[Review] Fueki Nakayoshi Horse Oil Body Cream

Horse oil? I see you cringe and honestly, I did that too but the packaging was too irresistibly cute that I had to buy it. Just look at that jar and those puppy eyes, get what I mean? Sadly, after my purchase, it was then left forgotten in my heap of beauty stash until a few days ago where I chanced upon it again..


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Pamper your sole

Other than the neck (Check out my post on neck care HERE), another much neglected body part would be the feet. We walk all day on them but yet pay so little attention to them. Trotting around in those four inches are no easy task, so perhaps its time you did something about it.

Some tips you can try in the comforts of your home…

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